Official NFL Press Release / “Deflate-gate”

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Our office has been conducting an investigation as to whether the footballs used in last Sunday’s
AFC Championship Game complied with the specifications that are set forth in the playing rules. The
investigation began based on information that suggested that the game balls used by the New
England Patriots were not properly inflated to levels required by the playing rules, specifically Playing
Rule 2, Section 1, which requires that the ball be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per
square inch. Prior to the game, the game officials inspect the footballs to be used by each team and
confirm that this standard is satisfied, which was done before last Sunday’s game.
The investigation is being led jointly by NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash and Ted Wells of the
law firm of Paul Weiss. Mr. Wells and his firm bring additional expertise and a valuable independent
perspective. The investigation began promptly on Sunday night. Over the past several days, nearly
40 interviews have been conducted, including of Patriots personnel, game officials, and third parties
with relevant information and expertise. We have obtained and are continuing to obtain additional
information, including video and other electronic information and physical evidence. We have retained
Renaissance Associates, an investigatory firm with sophisticated forensic expertise to assist in
reviewing electronic and video information.
The playing rules are intended to protect the fairness and integrity of our games. We take seriously
claims that those rules have been violated and will fully investigate this matter without compromise or
delay. The investigation is ongoing, will be thorough and objective, and is being pursued
expeditiously. In the coming days, we expect to conduct numerous additional interviews, examine
video and other forensic evidence, as well as relevant physical evidence. While the evidence thus far
supports the conclusion that footballs that were under-inflated were used by the Patriots in the first
half, the footballs were properly inflated for the second half and confirmed at the conclusion of the
game to have remained properly inflated. The goals of the investigation will be to determine the
explanation for why footballs used in the game were not in compliance with the playing rules and
specifically whether any noncompliance was the result of deliberate action. We have not made any
judgments on these points and will not do so until we have concluded our investigation and
considered all of the relevant evidence.
Upon being advised of the investigation, the Patriots promptly pledged their full cooperation and have
made their personnel and other information available to us upon request. Our investigation will seek
information from any and all relevant sources and we expect full cooperation from other clubs as well.
As we develop more information and are in a position to reach conclusions, we will share them

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The New England Patriots, Cheaters Again

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Lets be fair, the Patriots probably would’ve beat the Colts regardless of the 11 deflated footballs; but it doesn’t make it okay. Since the Pats have a history of cheating, they need some heftier punishment then would normally me assessed. More than just a fine, something to teach them a lesson; because clearly they haven’t learned their lesson.

Both Brady and Bellichick denied they knew anything about it. If they’re wiling enough to cheat don’t you think they’d be willing enough to lie about it? Of course. 11 0f the 12 balls were deflated, this was no accident.

11 of 12 balls under-inflated can anyone spell cheating!!! Saying

They know they cheated, everyone knows they cheated. Was the NFL really surprised? Come on people its the New England Patriots, they got in trouble for filming other teams practices! This was a large step down if anything.

I find it interesting that a linebacker D’Qwell Jackon (who barely ever touches the ball) noticed during an interception in the second quarter that it was deflated and Tom Brady didn’t notice at all?! Come on Tom, you’ve been an NFL quarterback for over a decade and you still didn’t realize the ball was a little easier to throw in rain because it had less air!

The point is the Patriots continue to cheat, and they need to learn their lesson and stop. NOW.

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How will Colts fill running back needs?

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One of the Colts biggest needs to fill this off season is at running back. The running backs on roster are either injured (Ahmad Bradshaw, Vick Ballard), inconsistent (Boom Herron) or horribly disappointing (Trent Richardson).

If the Colts want to continue to have an elite offense, they need to add a better running back.  Either through the draft or free agency. Unless they want to stick with Boom Herron at starter (335 yards, 4.5 per carry), or roll the dice with an injury prone Bradshaw who is nearing retirement; but that’s not likely.

The best way for the Colts to get a solid and productive running back would be the draft. Although it seems somewhat risky, its a deep running back class and they have a shot to grab some of the best ones. Melvin Gordan and Tevin Coleman are expected to drop lower in the draft. Late first round, early second. So the Colts could snag one of them to go with Luck for the future. Considering our last 1st rounder Bjoern Werner has been a bust, they need to take less of a risk this time; and take a big college talent.

The draft also has a lot of wide receivers for the Colts to snag ,so if they want to go to free agency; they’ve got plenty of cheap options and more reliable ones. Indy has about 40 million dollars to spend when free agency opens, if they target a running back; Mark Ingram, Frank Gore, Steven Ridley, Knowshon Moreno and Jacquizz Rodgers would be the most likely targets.

Frank Gore would be somewhat expensive, and only has a few years left. Steven Ridley and Knowshon Moreno are injury prone. Jacquizz Rodgers isnt exactly a proven back, but has potential. Mark Ingram seems like the best option.

He had an all-pro season with 964 yards, and 9 touchdowns. He has an affordable contract, and the Saints have a disastrous cap situation, so they may not resign him. He’s 25 years old, and could be a productive Colt for a long time.

Regardless of the direction Ryan Grigson takes this off season, he has to improve the run game. One way or another.


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Colts Offseason Begins

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The Colts have a very important offseason ahead of them. Luck needs more help and the defense needs some large improvements. They also need to work on resigning Jerrell Freeman, Sergio Brown Darius Butler and others.

The main positions to address are wide receiver, defensive tackle, safety, and of course the offensive line. The Colts will have 30 million in cap space for March 11 when NFL free agency officially opens.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
Matt Hasselbeck, QB
Reggie Wayne, WR
Hakeem Nicks, WR
Joe Reitz, OL
Cory Redding, DL
Fili Moala, DL
Andy Studebaker, LB
Darius Butler, CB
Josh Gordy, CB
Sergio Brown, S
Mike Adams, S
Colt Anderson, S


A.Q. Shipley, OL
Jerrell Freeman, LB
Delano Howell, S
Matt Overton, LS

Those are the free agents headed into next season. Not many of them would be big signs, outside of Jerrell Freeman, but they can all make an impact. They likely wont resign Hakeem Nicks, due to his poor and disappointing performance this season. They’ll need to address the offensive and defensive line first an foremost, because they cant stop the run and they cant run the ball.

With 30 million dollars to spend and likely more to come with the cap raise. The Colts need to find a veteran wide receiver, solid defensive tackle and maybe an offensive guard for the right side. Basically, Andrew Luck needs more help, more pieces around him.

Lets start with wide receiver, maybe the deepest 2015 free agency position. Dez Bryant is the headliner, but is likely too expensive for the Colts. They need to look into a lower level, such as Randall Cobb, Kenny Britt, Michael Crabtree, Greg Jennings and possibly Jeremy Maclin. Those are all affordable options, but someone like Michael Crabtree is more likely.

If the Colts want to improve the position of defensive tackle, they’ve got options; but expensive ones. Ndamukong Suh is a headliner but is far to expensive. The other Lions DT Nick Fairly is also available and is far more affordable than Suh would be. Other options include Jurell Casey, Marcell Dareus, Henry Melton, and B.J. Raji. Out of all of those, Raji would be the least expensive option, but might resign with the Packers. The Colts may think Josh Chapman and Montori Hughes are adequate but they still need help on the defensive line.

The Colts offensive line might not need to much help next season. With a solid season from Anthony Castanzo and Jack Mehwort, and Donald Thomas and Gosder Cherilus returning. The Colts could have a solid offensive line. The problem is the center position. Khaled Holmes has struggled and A.Q. Shipley wont be resigned. Jonathan Harrison might be the answer. He played well at center, although early on he had snap troubles and fumbled many times; he has potential. If the Colts want to upgrade, the o-line free agency pool is large; headlined by Bryan Bulaga and Carl Nicks; but I doubt the Colts spend big though. If anything they’ll go lower level, or look to the draft.

The Indianapolis Colts need to improve for next season, because clearly they don’t have enough. The Patriots showed our every weakness. Even if the Colts don’t sign big free agents they’ll look tot he draft. Last season they drafted 3 quality starters, Jack Mewhort, Donte Moncrief and Jonathan Newsome; and they didn’t even have a first round pick! Ryan Grigson will find a way this offseason. He’ll find a way to improve this team for the future.


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Colts Ended Season on Embarrassing Note

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The Indianapolis Colts played their worst game since the 2-14 season on Sunday against the Patriots. They were dominated at every turn, and on every down. Both sides of the football, the Patriots dominated.

On the offensive side, Andrew Luck played terribly. He had a season low 126 passing yards, no touchdowns and 2 interceptions. His throws seemed short, and inaccurate the entire game, but not that it mattered. Receivers couldn’t get separation and T.Y. Hilton had 2 defenders at his side at all times. The run game was the same, but they seemed to have alittle more sucess than usual. They finished with 83 total yards, and 51 from Boom Herron; who averaged 5 yards a carry.

The defense was the real embarrassment. Allowing the Patriots to score 45 points, on 397 total yards of offense. Lead by Colts-killer LeGarrette Blount, who yet again stampeded the Colts front 7 for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns. Its not that Blount out ran anybody, but the Colts just could not tackle, and Blount was just an unstoppable train. The Colts however did limit Gronk to 28 yards and a touchdown.

Tom Brad had a pretty pedestrian game, with 226 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. But that’s all they needed was a pedestrian game form him with the under par performance of Luck and Blounts’ great game.

Later on allegations came out against the Patriots stating they were deflating footballs, and it affected the game. The NFL stated that its normal to have a least one, but the situation become “abnormal” or “rare” to find multiple like that. Regardless of the verdict, they could’ve played with a nerf football and still lost the game. Either way the Colts got outplayed, and deserved to lose.

The Colts have got a bright future ahead of them, and for a team that young; reaching the AFC Championship is a big deal. This offseason will be a big one for the Colts. A new Andrew Luck contract coming, and a decent amount of money to spend, they’ll look to make improvements.


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Why the Colts can win the AFC

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This week has been an distracting week for the Colts. The Josh McNary rape allegations, Trent Richardson and Xavier Nixon missing the team flight to Boston due to tardiness and ‘personal issues’ and then talks of a massive Andrew Luck deal.

It seems as if things just wont line up for the Colts, and with these distractions; analysts are scared to even mention a Colts victory. Yet when do the Colts play best? When the world is against them and the odds are stacked highest.

Indy will be facing their biggest challenge so far this season. A New England Patriots team that has dominated them in every category in the Luck era. Each Colts loss hasn’t even come close, all of them being a margin larger than three touchdowns. This week the Colts have every single reason to lose, and that is why they’ll win.

Last week every single analysts on ESPN NFL Gameday picked the Denver Broncos handily over the Indianapolis Colts. This is the type of thing that fuels Indy and its players. Last week it did, and after hearing all week about how ‘the Colts don’t have a run game’ or ‘Luck cant beat the Pats’ they’re motivated. Motivated to get this New England Demon off their backs, and reach the Superbowl.

Prediction: This game is going to come down to Luck, obviously. If he can take care of the football, the Colts have an easy shot at victory, but lets be honest their will be some turnovers; but they need to limit them. Boom Herron will be a big X-factor (has 18 catches this postseason), and time will tell if Bill Belichick’s plan will consists of  slowing down Boom. Brady will have a tough tie against the Colts secondary Sunday. With Davis and Toler Vs Edelman and Amendola, The Colts have got the physical size advantage; but they’ve got Gronk. Who is Brady’s favorite target and is a tough cover for Laron Landry and the Colts linebackers. It would be easy for me to say the Colts will get blow out again and young talent will be defeated by experience and tricky play calling. But I cannot, because Luck is about to knock Brady right out of his Ugg boots, and finally the demons will be gone. Colts 24-21.

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Colts Play Best Game of Season

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Denver Broncos versus the Indianapolis Colts

Its official. The baton has been passed. Manning to Luck. A new era has begun, and at the center of it is Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Yesterday was an expected battle, which would most likely be a back and forth offensive battle, with practically the entirety of analysts in the known universe betting on the Broncos. Strangely, those those expectations failed, and Andrew Luck and the Colts shocked the world.

Being an avid Colts fan, I expected many turnovers and mistakes to take place, but I expected Lucks talent to overrule all else. This expectation was also partially incorrect.

The game seemed to be one of fight, with the game tied 7-7. Then the turning point of the game. Colts rush linebacker and rookie Jonathan Newsome beat left tackle Ryan Clady; to strip sack former Colt Peyton Manning. Why was this the turning point? It changed the momentum, and the Colts never turned back. On the ensuing drive, the Colts scored on a pass to a Dwayne Allen that was practically being hugged by frustrated corner Aqib Talib.

Denver caught the Colts on the wrong night. Every part of the Colts defense was clicking. They held Denver to 288 total yards of offense, deflected 7 passes, gave Peyton Manning 27.9 QBR, and held Colts-killer Julius Thomas to a lowly 53 yards. Oh and Denver scored 1 touchdown, the ENTIRE game.

Hakeem Nicks made his mark on the game with yet another great late game catch, this one for a touchdown on a bullet pass from Andrew Luck.

Maybe the most impacting performance of all Sunday, was the Colts offensive line. Which was quite unexpected, considering the injuries to Gosder Cherilus and Jonathan Harrison and extreme inconsistency of Hugh Thornton; the o-line playing well doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The biggest suprise was Colts left tackle Joe Reitz. Earlier this year he had a few bad games, in his worst against Jacksonville he allowed 4 sacks in the first quarter. Since then hes been a pretty decent help, and yesterday he played very well. Shockingly they allowed NO SACKS yesterday.

Peyton Manning went 26/46 on passes Sunday, and seemed to struggle hitting wide open wide receivers down field. In fact it seemed painful to watch Manning try to loft a ball downfield. The torn quad, and his age a showing, and it does not look good. After the game when asked about retirement he stated “I just cant give that simple answer, I cant say right now”. When Peyton is unsure about something, its likely that he may be done, and I cant blame him.

The Colts will play the New England Patriots next Sunday in Foxborough for the AFC Championship. Andrew Luck has never beaten the Pats. In fact, he hasn’t come within 3 touchdowns in any matchup. I expect things to be a lot closer, and far more interesting.



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2015 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

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This season the NFL playoffs, have basically gone as expected. The highlight of course being Luck Vs. Manning, and the interesting side stories of the always underdog Ravens making another unexpected run. In this article I’ll be reviewing each one of these playoff games and giving my predictions.

Ravens Vs. Patriots: Interestingly enough these 2 teams have faced in recent years many times. This is actually the only team Brady doesn’t dominate in the Playoffs. Baltimore winning the last 2 playoff matchup’s (one of them leading to Superbowl victory). The Ravens seem to start playing well come playoff time and regular-season-struggler Joe Flacco (or should a say Flacko) turns it a different QB. John Harbaugh calls “The leagues best quarterback”. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are ready to get over the Baltimore hump, and as always will be ready to pinpoint the weakness of the Ravens; which would be its secondary. This will likely not be a smooth running offensive heavy game. Its going to get real ugly.

Prediction: My guess is, things are going to go down to the wire. In this situation Joe Flacco chokes, and Brady will capitalize. All week the favorites have been the Ravens due to the competitive nature of the last 2 games. This round things will be different, thats Pats will be ready; and they’ll win, 28-24.

Panthers Vs. Seahawks: This NFC matchup will be one of more intrigue, with young athletic QBs Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. Newton’s Panthers are easily the worst team left this playoffs, considering the terrible regular season record (7-8-1). Wilson’s Seahawks finished the regular season with a 6 game winning streak, beating the 49ers and Cardinals twice. Even though this matchup does get fans excited, the Seahawks will have no trouble winning this game. The Panthers just have far to many issues; struggling to find a pass game, or any success in the secondary at all. Richard Sherman will eat rookie Kelvin Benjamin alive and the Panthers will be put in their place on Sunday. The only thing that would keep them in the game would be if the Seahawks struggle to pass the football, which is a definite possibility.

Prediction: Not saying this will be a blowout, but i do expect the Seahawks to win this game, no doubt. A young Cam Newton might carry his team with his legs, but in the end the Seahawks are a better team in almost all areas.

Cowboys Vs. Packers: Ahh Aaron Rodgers, the leagues best quarterback to face of against Americas most hated team the Dallas Cowboys. Such a sweet matchup for this divisional round. A surprising Dallas team against a Superbowl favorite Green Bay. This game could go many directions, but I think Dallas will have too many issues. Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core is just too much for a horrific Dallas secondary that ranks 26th in the league in yards allowed. Demarco Murray will be the x-factor for the Cowboys in this game. If he can control the tempo and rush for about 80-90 yards. The Cowboys might have a shot. I just think the Packers offense so a different universe better than the Cowboys defense and that will decide the game.

Prediction: Aaron Rodgers will deliver a monstrous game for the Packers, and will lead his team to another deep playoff run. As for the Cowboys, they’ve had a great season, but that secondary will be the downfall of them Sunday. Packers win 29-17.

Colts Vs. Broncos: Otherwise known as Luck Vs. Manning, otherwise otherwise known as the playoffs best game. This will be the game of the year. Peyton Manning’s old team the Indianapolis Colts come to town in his new city, with a new QB. The Chosen one, Andrew Luck. In this game Andrew Luck has everything to gain, and not a lot to lose. On the other hand Peyton Manning has everything to gain and everything to lose. With them both at different points in their careers, perspective will be different. The Broncos strong points this year of course have been the passing game, and passing defense. The Colts are exactly the same. It will all come down to who can do them better.

Prediction: Manning things could happen in this game. Yes you know the ones. The ole 4th quarter choke, or the 4th quarter dagger-in-the-heart game winner. I have a feeling, that its going to come down the the perfomance of Peyton. Andrew Luck will get his own, but Peyton will decide this game. Colts win this game 21-17.

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This Week on The Balance – 1/10/15

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The Balance
Airdate: January 10, 2015
Host: Tom Marquis

9:05-9:25: Stone Miller
9:30-9:55: Boat Racing talk with Micheal Stancombe from Peppers Racing
10:00-10:25: Rich Nye “The Sports Guy” from WTHR – LIVE from Denver
10:30-10:55: Derek Schultz from WNDE’s Query & Schultz show

You don’t want to miss this week’s show. You can catch it LIVE Saturday 9-11a EST on Blog Talk Radio here – AND on the encore on Indiana Talks from 1-3p. Also, feel free to call in to discuss NFL with host Tom Marquis at (917) 889-8516.

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Time for Pacers to Prepare for 2016

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The Indiana Pacers have been in struggles all season long, in terms of injuries, chemistry, and rotations. They just don’t seem to catch fire for long. They’ve got an old team, full of veterans and a few young players here and there. Without Paul George you can see a large void that no one could possible come close to filling.

What happens is the Pacers will play very well in a game. They’ll have a solid lead, but cant seem to carry it into the 4th quarter. The gap here is star power, with no Paul George they don’t have a go-to-guy who will plunge the dagger in the other teams heart. They don’t have a guy who will go off and change the game from an individual standpoint, and it shows.

The recent games agaisnt the Lakers and Warriors; both Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry had great games against them, and in both games they had solid 10 point leads until about the 4th quarter. With no go-to-guy the Pacers are a mess, on offense and defense. They’ve got no one to slow down the star players and they cant find a rythmn on offense because no one will step up and be ‘the guy’ on the 4th. Without Paul George the Pacers cant keep a consistent winning record, they might go .500, but they will not rise far above.

In light of all the recent trades, and blockbuster deals, Larry Bird should and probably is looking for a way to trade veterans like David West and Luis Scola to teams who need veteran bench players. The Cavs would be a candidate, and possibly the Suns; who are playing well but just need extra boosts off the bench.

What Indianapolis really needs to do, is build a team for next season. Trade the veterans, so that the teams record falls, and then find a guy in the draft who can go with Paul George. The Pacers need a lottery pick this year. Paul George needs his wingman, he needs his Scottie Pippen (not that he’s MJ, but you get my point).

The Pacers should look a lot different next season. They’ll have a lot of money to spend and will likely add some new young players to the roster. 2015 has been an ugly nightmare from which the Pacers fans cant wake up from. Its time to move on, 2016 is bright.

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