Tuesday’s Chair Week 2 ,2014

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OK here we are week 2 of the NFL, 2014 and it’s time for Tuesday’s Chair.

Well, I could talk about Adrian Peterson…but really what’s the point?

Let’s talk some football…

So, we will start with last night’s game, depending on what side of the fence your on, it was either a great come back from the Philadelphia Eagles, or a huge let down from the Indianapolis Colts…. I fall on the Colts side.

I’m not sure if there’s a point in writing about a game that very well may have been fixed. Ok not really…but if it wasn’t, the officials were biased for some inexplicable reason. The Colts were driving, up seven and in the red zone. Brandon Boykin had one of the most blatant defensive holds you’ll ever see on T.Y. Hilton. As if the officials weren’t doing enough to screw over the Colts, the coaching staff made some horrible mistakes after that. They ran the ball twice with Trent Richardson, who did nothing on one of his attempts. Andrew Luck then went incomplete on third down, and the Eagles took over and never relinquished possession. Of course, the Colts may have had some time for themselves if they didn’t waste a defensive timeout.  It made zero sense, and maybe I am beginning to wonder if Hamilton’s job should be in jeopardy.

The Eagles were able to win this game because of the officials, but LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles also played a huge part. The Colts simply couldn’t tackle them. McCoy rushed for 79 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries and also caught four balls for 23 receiving yards. Sproles, meanwhile, had numerous long gains. He generated 178 total yards and a score. He set up the tying touchdown and the decisive field goal as time expired.

Ok a quick glance at Sunday…Yep another crazy week on the way to the win column, both in fantasy and real world… I know I was surprised as well to learn there was a difference.

Ravens 26, Steelers 6

All anyone wanted to talk about prior to this game was the Ray Rice story. It seemed like the only thing Baltimore players did this entire week was answer questions about Rice. With that in mind, I didn’t think there was much of a chance the Ravens would be completely focused for this matchup, and I wasn’t alone. The Rice hoopla just seemed like it could capsize the team’s season.

Bills 29, Dolphins 10

Panthers 24, Lions 7

Bengals 24, Falcons 10

Browns 26, Saints 24

Patriots 30, Vikings 7

The Vikings didn’t seem like they missed Adrian Peterson whatsoever when they effortlessly marched down the field on the opening drive. They went seven plays and 80 yards into the end zone, capped off by Matt Asiata’s 25-yard reception from Matt Cassel, who opened 4-for-4

Cardinals 25, Giants 14

Cowboys 26, Titans 10

Redskins 41, Jaguars 10

Chargers 30, Seahawks 21

Rams 19, Buccaneers 17

Broncos 24, Chiefs 17

Packers 31, Jets 24

Texans 30, Raiders 14

Bears 28, 49ers 20

Ok that’s it for Tuesday’s chair week 2 in the NFL 2014

Don’t forget to tune into the LIVE Broadcast of THE BALANCE

Saturday Morning 9AM-11AM





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We Will Never Forget

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13 years ago today, 9/11, is a date that we will never forget. It is a date that will be forever on the mind of Americans. Innocent people lost their lives. We tip our hats to all the victims and the unsung heroes that came together and saved the nation from what could have been an even worse tragedy. We would also like to thank all of the police officers and firefighters who put their own lives in danger to help everyone they could. We will #NeverForget.

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Tuesday’s Chair

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Ok it’s the beginning of the 2014 NFL season. I thought I would do something different this year.

I am starting an ongoing series to run thru the NFL season.

Each week I will give thoughts and opinions on the previous week in the NFL!

So thank you NFL for making week 1 easy on me.

Ray Rice…The NFL did exactly what they should have done months ago.

I do not believe this is the first time the NFL has seen the taped released by TMZ.

Even before the Ravens announced they had terminated Rice’s contract, outraged fans called on the team to cut its star running back. Others vowed to never wear a jersey bearing Rice’s name again!!

This is a huge black eye for the NFL, and now Rice’s wife Janay is attacking the media are you kidding me. She wrote:

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific [sic]. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!

She added in the comments: “Hurt beyond words…”


This is unbelievable, Janay’s only problem is she is not on the free lunch program anymore, you can say what you want ….oh sounds like battered wife syndrome…she’s an idiot for marrying him after an episode like that, blaming everyone else BUT HIM!!

Rice caused this. His anger and actions caused this. It was not the media. It was not the Ravens. It was not the fans. Wake up, little Janay, I fear your biggest beating is yet to come.

Ok enough of that, now we turn focus on The Colts and Robert Mathis.

Don’t get me wrong I love Mathis and I fear the Colts are going to have a rough time filling that void….but come on should we cry a river?

This came as a complete shock. What are we going to do now? We have no pass rush…

Mathis was suspended he claimed he was taking a fertility drug, Clomid, so he and his wife could have another child. But the drug is on the league’s banned list because it can be used as a masking agent for PEDs.

Mathis is on the non-football injury list, a designation that might mean the team doesn’t have to pay his $3 million base salary, which could mean the beginning of the end…

OH BTW… we did have some football
Seahawks 36, Packers 16
Falcons 37, Saints 34
Bengals 23, Ravens 16
Bills 23, Bears 20
Texans 17, Redskins 6
Titans 26, Chiefs 10
Dolphins 33, Patriots 20
Jets 19, Raiders 14
Eagles 34, Jaguars 17
Steelers 30, Browns 27
Vikings 34, Rams 6
49ers 28, Cowboys 17
Panthers 20, Buccaneers 14
Broncos 31, Colts 24
Lions 35, Giants 14
Cardinals 18, Chargers 17

See ya next week for Tuesday’s Chair…

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Tony Stewart speaks to media

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Vote for Brittany Force!

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Vote for your Favorite Driver, Brittany Force, NOW!

2014 BF TRAXXAS  SHOOTOUT_Banner_email


Also, check out this hilarious video her team put together.

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Thoughts from a listener of The Balance

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I don’t usually type listener remarks…..but I am taking exception to this…

I received this email…it shows the passion our listeners have  regarding Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart is known to be a hot head. He’s got out of his car on many occasions. Maybe not on a dirt course? I’ve watched the video multiple times and it sickens me. Sad! Yes, I realize Ward got out of car, but why did Stewart pick up speed coming out of the corner on a YELLOW and hit him? And why did Stewart originally thought it was okay to race at Watkins Glen this afternoon with the caption as “business as usual”? Ugh!

Again, you should never get out of your car during a race with a hot head and extremely frustrated! I think the rules need to be changed as a result of this incident.

Note: I’m confident  Stewart didn’t mean to kill him, but he did. Things need to change as a result of this. Please, please don’t allow this type of incident happen again. Extremely tragic and avoidable!

Thoughts and comments?


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Tragedy in New York

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Kevin Ward

I wont be posting the video we talk about in this blog out of respect for The Kevin Ward Family.

I love this quote from Jay Busbee a writer for Yahoo Sports

“After Saturday night, Tony Stewart’s future as a driver is in serious question. But no matter whether Stewart ever drives again, he’s not the most important part of this story. Kevin Ward Jr. is, and always will be.”

Well here is what we do know! NASCAR driver Tony Stewart hit and killed another driver who was walking on a track during a dirt-track race in upstate New York, authorities said early Sunday. Kevin Ward Jr., 20, died from injuries suffered in the incident, which occurred Saturday night at the Empire Super Sprints series event at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park. The track is about a two-hour drive from Watkins Glen International race track, where Stewart had been scheduled to race in a NASCAR event Sunday.

Ok so lets look at both sides.

  • Kevin Ward JR exits his Sprint Car after hitting the outside wall during lap 14 of a 25-lap race, Ontario County Sheriff Philip C. Povero said.
  • Ward is walking toward oncoming race traffic pointing and yelling.
  • Track was on a yellow flag.
  • One car swerves to avoid Ward on the track.
  • Stewart’s car passes close to Ward, and it appears that it’s right rear tire hits him.
  • An ambulance took Ward to a hospital, but he died before arrival.

The questions of the day are

  • Did Tony Stewart intentionally hit Ward?
  • Should the rules be changed so drivers are prohibited to exit car if their life is not in immediate danger?
  • Did Tony Stewart make the right decision to not race in NASCAR race at Watkins Glen?
  • Was this a criminal act on Tony’s part?

Stewart has made no secret of his passion for dirt-track racing and he drives on dirt tracks as often as possible — even to the detriment of his own health. He suffered a badly broken leg in a race a little over a year ago and was involved in a big crash at the same Canandaigua Motorsports Park track last year.

A witness who is a sprint-car driver and friend of Ward’s described what happened to Bob Pockrass of the Sporting News:

“Tony pinched him into the front-stretch wall, a racing thing,” Graves said. “The right rear tire went down, he spun on the exit of (Turn) 2. They threw the caution and everything was toned down. Kevin got out of his car. … He was throwing his arms up all over the place at Tony for most of the corner.

“I know Tony could see him. I know how you can see out of these cars. When Tony got close to him, he hit the throttle. When you hit a throttle on a sprint car, the car sets sideways. It set sideways, the right rear tire hit Kevin, Kevin was sucked underneath and was stuck under it for a second or two and then it threw him about 50 yards.”

Ward is from Port Leyden, N.Y., and, he started racing go-karts when he was 4. He drove the No. 13 car for five years in the Empire Super Sprints circuit and won two 360 Winged Sprint races last year.

“Business as usual”??? Maybe one of the dumbest things ever said in the history of sports.

You can get away with that kind of macho trick in a NASCAR sled, but not in a short-coupled, high power-to-weight “Outlaw” sprint car. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it, even on the checkered flag lap when the driver’s fired up and whacks the gas. The car does an embarrassing 360 loop-the-loop right in front of the main grandstand.

First ol’ Smoke ran the guy into the wall, then he wanted to “teach him a lesson”. Some lesson. And for what? To be Big Dog on a local racetrack? In a race with a winner’s purse of $1500? Nothing to gain, everything to lose if you can’t control your attitude.

The best spin I can put on this: If Stewart can’t handle the differences in driving technique between a NASCAR stocker and an Outlaw sprinter, he shouldn’t be in the cockpit of either one. But what I’m seeing looks more like a case of “I really just meant to scare him, Your Honor!”

What are your thoughts ? We want to hear your comments!

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Pics from Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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IMG_5582 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5600 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5604 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5604 - Copy (2)

IMG_5622 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5632 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5635 - Copy - Copy

IMG_5641 - Copy

IMG_5650 - Copy

IMG_5657 - Copy

IMG_5658 - Copy

IMG_5659 - Copy

IMG_5660 - Copy

IMG_5673 - Copy

IMG_5685 - Copy

IMG_5689 - Copy

IMG_5692 - Copy

IMG_5701 - Copy

IMG_5707 - Copy

IMG_5708 - Copy

IMG_5715 - Copy

IMG_5736 - Copy

IMG_5742 - Copy

IMG_5754 - Copy

IMG_5756 - Copy

IMG_5758 - Copy

IMG_5769 - Copy

IMG_5776 - Copy

IMG_5792 - Copy

IMG_5834 - Copy

IMG_5836 - Copy

IMG_5839 - Copy

IMG_5848 - Copy

IMG_5860 - Copy

IMG_5877 - Copy


IMG_5967 - Copy

IMG_6002 - Copy

IMG_6007 - Copy

IMG_6031 - Copy

IMG_6033 - Copy

IMG_6038 - Copy

IMG_6041 - Copy

IMG_6051 - Copy

IMG_6054 - Copy


IMG_6080 - Copy

IMG_6082 - Copy

IMG_6087 - Copy

IMG_6091 - Copy

IMG_6113 - Copy

IMG_6129 - Copy










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Guardian of The Brickyard

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Chris Pratt, star of the new Guardians of the Galaxy is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today to lead the cars around driving the Chevy pace car. Pratt is new to NASCAR but stated he is looking forward to leading the cars around the track. Pratt told a room of reporters that he is looking forward to being signed by NASCAR after his laps leading the 37 cars around the track today for the Brickyard 400. He was amazed at how smooth his ride was around the track going what he said was a slow 120 mph.

Chris Pratt who is also a star of the show Parks and Recreation set in a fictional city in Indiana has been to the Hoosier state once before. Parks and Recreation filmed a show at Lucas Oil Stadium with several members of the Indianapolis Colts and he was on the field playing catch with Andrew Luck.
On a professional note for Pratt, he is looking forward to playing the hero character like his character, the Star Lord of the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy. He stated that the film has just confirmed their 2nd movie in the series. The Guardians of the Galaxy premieres this Friday, August 1st.
Be sure to watch to see if Christ Pratt makes the turnoff in the pace car today or keep the car on the track and prove his driving skills to NASCAR.

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