The Balance to be part of the new YAHOO SPORTS INDIANA

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The Balance is so excited to be a part of the new YAHOO SPORTS

We will debut Saturday May 2nd 2015 1-3 p.m.

Yahoo Sports Indiana will run an encore show of our LIVE show that airs every Saturday 9-11 A.M

Check them out at

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The Balance Air 4/25/2015

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Steve Byrnes 1959-2015

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Steve Byrnes 1959-2015
We have lost a great one… Steve is doing “PIT REPORTS” in heaven now…
So sad…. Steve will be missed… ‪#‎NASCAR‬ now has a HUGE EMPTY SPACE!


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BREAKING: Andre Johnson Signs with Colts

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Former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and the Indianapolis Colts have agreed to a 3 year $21 million dollar deal.

Yesterday and Colts flew in ex Miami teammates Frank Gore and Andre Johnson with intentions to sign both; and they did exactly that. Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson made it a top priority to get a deal done before he left. Gore signed that night, and Johnson the next day.

Johnson has always been a tough cover for the Colts in the past, and has kept the Texans in games. So its good to have the ex Colts killer, on our side.

This adds the veteran wide out the Colts needed, with Reggie Wayne headed out the door; and Duron Carter in need of a mentor. Johnson provides a big body opposite of T.Y. Hilton, and mentor for the overall young receiving core.

Johnson asked the Texans to release or trade him after being told he would have a reduced role in the offense next season, and immediately drew much attention from the Colts. Last season he recorded 936 receiving yards and 85 receptions. After 12 seasons in Houston, he is finally on a contending team, with a legitimate shot at Superbowl.

Oh and he gets to play with this one QB named Andrew Luck, he’s petty good I guess.

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What Signing Frank Gore Means for the Colts

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San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks

After committing to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, Frank Gore realized it wasn’t what he wanted. The Colts and Eagles both offered him 3 years $12 million; but Indy had one thing Chip Kelly’s Eagles did not. Andrew Luck.

With Jeremy Maclin leaving Philly, and Chip Kelly restructuring the team; the playoffs weren’t a guarantee, and a championship is even further. With the Colts, he has a great opportunity to make a run at a championship, behind a top tier quarterback.

Frank Gore will provide the consistent run game that the Colts need to balance a pass heavy offense; and bring some more veteran leadership to the locker room. Someone who has been deep into the playoffs.

Gore is coming off 4 consecutive 1,000 yard season, and finished last year 1,106 total rushing yards on 255 carries. Something the Colts haven’t had in years.

Recent reports have indicated that Gore and ex-Miami-teammate Andre Johnson got on Owner Jim Irsay’s plane headed to Indy. So Gore not only helps the Colts run game, but could help recruit star wideout Andre Johnson.

This is going to be a big year for the Colts. They fell one game short of the Superbowl because they couldn’t run the ball, or stop the run. Now they have the opportunity to change that. This should be an interesting off-season for Indy.

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Rumors: Andre Johnson to Colts

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Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole has reported that Texans wide out Andre Johnson and the Indianapolis Colts have shown mutual interest.

Cole stated that Johnson prefers to be cut, and look to negotiate the best deal possible; but a trade is still possible. After all the Texans want to get something out of him before he goes.

Johnson is due $10 million next season, but want to seek more if he is cut.

The Colts would likely send some draft picks to Houston in exchange for Johnson’s services. This would be beneficial to both teams, although the Colts would then only have around $34 million in cap space. Which is still quite a bit, but if Grigson intends to target players like Pernell McPhee and Demarco Murray, he needs top save money for those more important possible signs.

The Colts main needs are in the rushing game and on the defensive line, so this move wouldn’t exactly be what the Colts need. But it does present an interesting precedent, and would help receivers Donte Moncrief and Duron Carter develop.

(photo via

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Colts Release Ricky Jean-Francois

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The Colts have released defensive tackle, Ricky Jean Francois

Jean-Francois was due $5.5 million dollars next season, and was 2 seasons into a 4 year deal. The reason for his release was not conduct related at all. In fact he was an upstanding teammate, and was loved by many journalists, as one of the “most quotable” athletes they’ve seen. This was purely a business decision.

This will save the Colts $4.875 million in cap space, and clears room for free agents. His production was far below what his salary was. He recorded 5.5 sacks in 2 seasons with Indy, but got a large chunk of playing time at 60.6%. Mostly because Arthur Jones was battling injuries all season.

With the release of Jean-Francois, the defensive line grows thin. Especially if defensive end Cory Redding retires. But this is likely a sign of things to come. The Colts probably will look to free agency for some help, and it wont be hard to find at a discount price. This 2015, many defensive lineman are available.

In my last article ‘Colts Top  Offseason Moves”, I suggested they release Jean-Francois and the sign a better defensive tackle. Terrance Knighton, B.J. Raji, and Nick Fairley are possible suitors. The Colts now have around $50 million to spend in free agency; and with more players to possibly be released, cap space could grow larger.

With the release of players Ricky Jean-Francois and Laron Landry, Ryan Grigson is likely preparing for a big free agent sign. NFL free agency opens March 12th.

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Colts Top Offseason Priorities

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(Photo Via Zimbio)

The Colts have many priorities this offseason. They still have many positions to fill, on both offense and defense; and will look to do those through the draft and free agency. Here are some moves I hope they can get done.

1. Resign Darius Butler: On the depth chart, Darius Butler is in the number three corner spot, but on the field he is much more. As the Colts nickelback, he plays a key role in covering teams slot receivers. He goes unrecognized by many fans, but is vital to the Colts press-man defense. Butler is a very disruptive player at the nickel, and follows the other Colts corners in being a very physical player. His annual salary in 2014, was $2.5 million, (via Over the Cap), and a new contract wouldn’t be much more expensive. If the Colts aren’t able to resign him, there is a big drop off. The next man up is Josh Gordy, who played 277 snaps in 2014. He has a hard time covering slot receivers, and would be a downgrade at the third corner spot. The Colts haven’t mentioned wanting to resign him, but it seems likely to happen due to his performance last season.

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Pacers Trade Options

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With the trade deadline approaching in a week, and the Pacers ready to make a run at the playoffs; Larry Bird will be searching far and wide for mid-season acquisitions.

The Pacers stand in an odd position. They have a competitive roster, but really need some young blood for the future. So they could either trade vets for draft picks and think towards next season, or look to bolster the roster with bench players.

Either way I think Bird finds some sort of deal to put the Pacers in their best position moving forward. However, it is very unlikely he surrenders a 1st rounder for anyone, but most players are up for grabs for the right price. The right price for veterans like Roy Hibbert and David West would be first round picks, and then some. Some trade scenarios have been discussed and I’ll be going over some possible options for Indiana fans to look as the deadline fast approaches.

(Photo via


Goran Dragic, Anthony Davis

Scenario 1: Recently, the Phoenix Suns have placed Goran Dragic on the trade block. They say they’re looking for draft picks, but probably would accept some veteran help if offered. Early last season, Larry Bird offered Roy Hibbert and a 1st round pick for Dragic but the Suns declined. This time around David West would be a more intriguing offer. In this case, the Suns would receive West and a second round pick in exchange for Dragic, and to make the money work throw in ex-Pacer Miles Plumlee. However, Phoenix might not be enticed by this and could demand a 1st rounder; which would complicate things. But if the Suns really want to make a run at the playoffs, they should at least consider working out a deal of this manner. If the Pacers threw in a first round pick, the Suns would be far more likely to pull the trigger. This trade makes sense, because Bird has always loved the talent of Dragic, and has tried to acquire him the past many times so now that he is available, there is no telling what he might offer.

(Photo via

Scenario 2: Ever since Rajon Rondo has arrived in Dallas, things have not gone very well. He hasn’t jelled with other players and it has caused team production to slow down, particularly on the offensive end. His numbers are slightly down at 8.7 points per game, and team chemistry is taking longer than expected to form. Another Rondo trade has not been discussed, but if the Mavericks feel that the roster would be better without him; options are still out there. Since Brandon Wright was sent over to Boston in the Rondo trade, the Mavs have been weak in the front court. Indiana could help them fix this problem if the right deal is agreed upon. David West has a similar salary to Rondo, and could be beneficial for Dallas if they thought they needed more help off the bench, which they most likely will come playoff time. Although this trade is not likely, it still would benefit both teams. I say, why not?

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Scenario 3: The Oklahoma City Thunder have always had one missing piece. A center. Although
Steven Addams has emerged as the starter, he still has some developing to do. In an ideal trade for both teams would include the Pacers sending Hibbert to OKC for Kendrick Perkins and Reggie Jackson; with possible implications of a draft pick. The benefits for both teams would be very balanced. The Thunder can finally shred Perkins awful contract, and get the center they need. With a front court of Ibaka and Hibbert, entering the lane would be near impossible. The Pacers would recieve a much needed point guard who can create his own shot, and would free up cap space, with Perkins gone that next off season. Prior to the trade, salary caps for both teams stay about the same.

(Photo via

Scenario 4: Recent talks indicate that the Raptors have some interest in trading for David West (reported story here). The problem is they are not willing to give up much for him. So, how can they expect to get something in return? Not sure. If they did however want to throw in a future first round pick, then West is theirs. To make the money work they would need to throw in Amir Johnson and Landry Fields, who both have one year left on their current deals. It’s not likely that this deal goes down, but nonetheless, it would be interesting. David West has averaged 13.1 points and 7.1 rebounds this season.

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2015 Daytona 500 Promo

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