Welcome back Chuck

What an awesome site it was to see Chuck Pagano return to the sidelines today for the first time since he began treatment for leukemia Sept. 26.

I watch Chuck take the headset, and place it on his head. The crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium. Fans were holding up “Chuck Strong” Signs. A very emotional welcome for Chuck Pagano!

So lets talk about the impact Chuck has had on this new and young Indianapolis Colts team.

Did the absence of chuck play a major roll in the winning season, and play off appearance. Should Chuck Pagano get the “Coach of the year reward”

The Colts got  an emotional shot in the arm from Pagano’s return that will make them a better team, but they get a coaching shot as well  Pagano, was hired because of his leadership ability and defensive intellect. It is clear that on that he has a handle on this Colts team.  The Colts will be better with his guidance and ideas.

Pagano’s return will give the team other resources and allow interim head coach Bruce Arians to focus more on what he was hired to do, which is run the offense. Other assistants also will be given more time to focus on their areas of specialty. The Colts have had incredible coaching in Pagano’s absence, but they should have even better coaching now that he’s back.

The lights in the coaches office can now be turned off….

Thanks Indy for being Colts Strong!

Good Luck in the Post Season….Go Colts

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