The 2012 Balance Fantasy Draft Results

So if you missed The annual draft party at BW3’S in Avon last night you missed a great time and the hottest wings known to man. Yes Brian Jessen and I did the tradition of ordering the Blazin. Red Flag should have been when they brought wings out and they were black. WOW…yeah I am no afraid to admit I had to order Milk. I literally felt like my stomach was of going to explode. All I can say is your not a real man until you eat a Blazin wing at BW3’s whewww mommy. Our Social Media director Michelle Derr was not as brave,however she did eat the second hottest and was a real trooper. It was a great time.

Ok down to business. I noticed some of the team owners were on “autopilot” which is fine however you be looking at your line up and say words that will make you cover the ears of children. Well don’t sweat it to much you can add/drop or trade until you get your team perfect. We have a couple weeks untill the real son starts

Also I will be setting the schedules and and divisions today.

Good luck this season. I am looking forward to some fantastic match ups this year.

Here are the official draft results from the 2012 Balance Fantasy Football Draft

Round: 1
(1) Team Fork – Arian Foster RB
** (2) Pigskin Pirates – LeSean McCoy RB
(3) Rar’s Heros – Aaron Rodgers QB
(4) Soggy Bottom  Boys – Ray Rice RB
(5) True PackerFan – Drew Brees QB
(6) Victorious Secret – Eli Manning QB
(7) Bitchin Barbies – Tom Brady QB
(8) Team chapman – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(9) Indianapolis Enforcers – Matthew Stafford QB
(10) Dornville Destroyers – Calvin Johnson WR
(11) Indy Triple Threat – Chris Johnson RB
(12) jwaescolts jwae – Larry Fitzgerald WR

Round: 2
(13) jwaescolts jwae – Andre Johnson WR
(14) Indy Triple Threat – Greg Jennings WR
(15) Dornville Destroyers – Marshawn Lynch RB
(16) Indianapolis Enforcers – Rob Gronkowski TE
(17) Team chapman – Roddy White WR
(18) Bitchin Barbies – Matt Forte RB
(19) Victorious Secret – Reggie Wayne WR
(20) True PackerFan – Fred Jackson RB
(21) Soggy Bottom  Boys – DeMarco Murray RB
(22) Rar’s Heros – Wes Welker WR
** (23) Pigskin Pirates – Adrian Peterson RB
(24) Team Fork – Darren McFadden RB

Round: 3
(25) Team Fork – Cam Newton QB
** (26) Pigskin Pirates – Peyton Manning QB
(27) Rar’s Heros – Jamaal Charles RB
(28) Soggy Bottom  Boys – Mike Wallace WR
(29) True PackerFan – Jordy Nelson WR
(30) Victorious Secret – Hakeem Nicks WR
(31) Bitchin Barbies – Jimmy Graham TE
(32) Team chapman – A.J. Green WR
(33) Indianapolis Enforcers – Victor Cruz WR
(34) Dornville Destroyers – Ryan Mathews RB
(35) Indy Triple Threat – Michael Vick QB
(36) jwaescolts jwae – Steven Jackson RB

Round: 4
(37) jwaescolts jwae – Julio Jones WR
(38) Indy Triple Threat – Frank Gore RB
(39) Dornville Destroyers – Brandon Marshall WR
(40) Indianapolis Enforcers – Michael Turner RB
(41) Team chapman – Trent Richardson RB
(42) Bitchin Barbies – Steve Smith WR
(43) Victorious Secret – Dez Bryant WR
(44) True PackerFan – Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(45) Soggy Bottom  Boys – Darren Sproles RB
(46) Rar’s Heros – Willis McGahee RB
** (47) Pigskin Pirates – Marques Colston WR
(48) Team Fork – Brandon Lloyd WR

Round: 5
(49) Team Fork – Miles Austin WR
** (50) Pigskin Pirates – BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(51) Rar’s Heros – Tony Romo QB
(52) Soggy Bottom  Boys – Vincent Jackson WR
(53) True PackerFan – Percy Harvin WR
(54) Victorious Secret – Steve Johnson WR
(55) Bitchin Barbies – Reggie Bush RB
(56) Team chapman – Jonathan Stewart RB
(57) Indianapolis Enforcers – Dwayne Bowe WR
(58) Dornville Destroyers – Stevan Ridley RB
(59) Indy Triple Threat – Antonio Gates TE
(60) jwaescolts jwae – Shonn Greene RB

Round: 6
(61) jwaescolts jwae – Vernon Davis TE
(62) Indy Triple Threat – Jeremy Maclin WR
(63) Dornville Destroyers – Philip Rivers QB
(64) Indianapolis Enforcers – Stephen Gostkowski K
(65) Team chapman – Jermichael Finley TE
(66) Bitchin Barbies – Roy Helu RB
(67) Victorious Secret – Beanie Wells RB
(68) True PackerFan – Matt Schaub QB[b][/b]

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