Colts Take a Pounding From Steelers/Stone Sport Report

Colts Take a Pounding From Steelers
Stone Miller

Colts get pounding steelers

Sunday many expected tough game; but a solid Colts performance. That was not the case this Sunday in Pittsburgh. Indy Started the game off with a quick field goal and things seemed to look easy; then the Steelers scored on a very quick drive on a touchdown to Markus Wheaton, when the Colts were playing zone defense (not sure why). Then before you know it the Steelers had the ball and scored yet another quick touchdown. 14-3, no worries. Next play Andrew Luck drops back; throws a pick-6. 21-3 Pittsburgh.
After this happening we find that Vontae Davis; who’s having the best year of his career, is out all game with a minor knee Injury. The Colts struggled on defense a lot after that. The defensive line did not bring and effective rush and didn’t sack Big Ben once. That partially had to do with his career game; 552 passing yards, 40-49 passes completed, and a whopping 6 touchdowns. You could very clearly tell that the Colts missed Vontae Davis dearly; Greg Toler could not handle the heavy workload that was handed to him and Greg Manusky made some strange adjustments trying to play zone defense.
Regardless of the many struggles of the first half; the Colts bounced back. Andrew Luck started blazing down the field in the second half; throwing a touchdown pass to Donte Moncrief in the second half, and Ahmad Bradshaw helped with a touchdown of his own. T.Y. Hilton had a great game catching 6 passes for 155 yards and a touchdown. Hakeem Nicks played 60 snaps but was only targeted 6 times. Donte Moncrief had the best game of his career and showed his breakout potential with 113 receiving yards.
As the Colts were in position to tie the game; the score 34-42. Indy was deep in their own territory, and Andrew Luck threw a pass towards Hakeem Nicks while standing in the end zone. The NFL referees just so happened to think he did actually target Nicks; and was called for an intentional grounding penalty; safety. This then destroyed the Colts hopes of a comeback and allowed the Steelers to get great field position and score another touchdown.
D’Qwell Jackson lead the Colts again in tackles with 13 and played a solid game. The Colts defense was the worst its been by far all season; allowing 639 yards.
The Colts will look to bounce back next week on Monday night football in New York against the Giants. Against a banged up Giants secondary things could get very interesting for Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

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