Mathis finds his “POT OF GOLD”

Mathis finds his “POT OF GOLD”

Does 4 years 36 million sound like a good number?

You better believe it does to Colts DE Robert Mathis.

Mathis is Robert Mathis, one of the NFL’s most dangerous pass-rush ends. The Colts are expected  to move from its traditional 4-3 alignment to a 3-4 under first-year coach Chuck Pagano, Mathis’ skills and forcefulness are still needed by The Colts!

Pagano is a defensive guy and I think he just made his first bold statement as a head coach!

The real multi-million  dollar question is does this mean that we could be saying goodbye to Freeney

And the other question we are waiting for answers will be soon…Yeah I know what your saying you almost made it thru an entire article without saying his name….

Joke is on you because I didnt say his name!

One thing is for sure we are standing by to bring you the News when it breaks!




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  1. Definitely enjoyed the game. The stadey rain there made it even more interesting. And since I was rooting for the Colts, seeing them/Manning win was icing on the cake. Plus, I thought Prince rocked the f’ing house at halftime; the dude must be at least 45 but he’s still cooler than most rockers just starting up The commercials were weird. They all fell into one of three strange categories: violent; cute animals; homoerotic. And I ate way too much at the party I was at. But overall, yeah, great game and great day for me!

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