MLB Expanded Playoffs For 2012

Major League Baseball is expanding its playoff format to 10 teams. MLB announced the move Friday, adding two clubs to the postseason format. A second wild-card team now will be included in each league. There then will be a one-game playoff to decide which team advances. Commissioner Bud Selig says the change “increases the rewards of a division championship and allows two additional markets to experience playoff baseball each year.” This is the first change in baseball’s playoff structure since the 1995 season, when wild-card teams were first added. In a further complication, both sides reached a consensus that ties for division titles would be broken on the field with a tiebreaker game under the new format, and not by head-to-head record.

Should MLB allow more teams in your Playoffs? This is The fans voice…Lets hear it
Which MLB playoff format do you prefer?

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