The Balance Super Bowl Party/Special


It’s that time agan ! The Annual Balance Super Bowl Party/Special

With your host El Presidente Tom Marquis and $2.00 Bill Josh

For you Balance Rookie Minions out there… Every year we run a special air of the Balance, and this year will be no different!

I know its hard to believe there is more to Super Bowl XLIX than “Deflate Gate”

We will be talking about all the story lines.

Super Bowl AD’s, kitty and puppy bowl..and yes deflate gate.

Don’t miss our annual Super Bowl Party/Special February 1st,2015

We will have
Jason Hammer from HAMMER AND NIGEL 
Matt Hicks from 1070 the fan/Jersey Johnny show
Nick Bosak Producer of The Kent Sterling Show CBSSports 1430AM 3-6pm Mon-Fri @Sports1430AM. Free lance play-by-play broadcaster. One step at a time.
ED Kracz Philadelphia Eagles beat writer: Calkins Media
Jeff Curts from Bears Claws and The Slant Draft Guide

Heck you never know who will show on the The Balance Super Bowl Party/Special

Its the
New England

So join us at 9:00 AM EST LIVE

The Balance 9/15/2012

Welcome to The Balance.

This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

We bring breaking news, commentary, scores, stats, standings, audio and highlights!

We will provide great interviews and sound Bytes…..

You don’t wanna miss the Balance !!!

On This weeks show

Airdate: September 15, 2012
Host: Tom Marquis

The Balance and Indy Pro Sports
1209 Country Club Rd
Country Club Industrial Park
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Phone (317) 903-8063

9:05-9:30: Cliff – Radio Speed Talk
9:30-9:58: Evan Williams – Purdue University
9:30-9:58: Jimmy “The Intern” Cavanaugh – Indiana University
9:58-10:00: Elizabeth the Greek. You don’t want to miss her college and NFL football predictions
10:00-10:15: Mike Donahue  – Silver Creek High School Dragons Head Coach
10:15-10:30: Breakdown of Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings (Phil B. Wilson– Indy Star)
10:30-10:45: Breakdown of Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings(Greg Rakestraw – 1070 /Colts Radio)
10:45-11:00: Fantasy Football Huddle

We have a great show planned and you do not want to miss it!!!