Michigan Boy Gone Wild

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Michigan Boy Gone Wild

2012 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger Penske finally got his first championship in NASCAR Sprint Cup in 40 years.

What a great year for the #2 Miller Lite Dodge. Keselowski went into the final race up by 20 points. All he had to do was finish 15th or better to become the champion. Only problem was he had to do it against one the greatest champions in our time.

Jimmie Johnson was not going to go away quiet;y. He applied pressure throughout most of the race. At one time Johnson actually took the points lead at one point in the race. However a loose lug nut brought him into the pits for a penalty. To make things worse he broke something and never came back onto the track. Johnson showed some huge class as he came up onto the Speed Stage and congratulated Brad on live TV. Class is all I can say.

Congratulations need to go around big time as Clint Bowyer came in second in points. Last year many people thought he was crazy going to Michael Waltrip Racing. Looks to me like he made a great choice. MWR has become a major player in Sprint Cup. He had two in the Chase in Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr.. On top of that they have Mark MArtin and Brian Vickers. Bowyer has to become an early season favorite for next year. At least in the same breath as Keselowski and Johnson.

The rumble last week was definitely the climax of the whole thing. It was actually a pretty boring race otherwise. Jeff Gordon won the race this week one week after crashing Bowyer. I really thought for sure that Bowyer or Joey Logono would try this week. It is over,,,,,,,or is it. Could be the huge carry over to next year to start the season with a bang.

All of us at Speed Talk had predicted that Brad would win the championship this year. HE did with a lot of class. I have always commented on how laid back Brad was during the whole season. He will be a great champion and spokesman for NASCAR for the year. Can’t wait to see if he can do it again next year. There are at 42 other guys who will have something to say about that.

Just three short years ago Roger Penske took a chance on a young gangly from Michigan. They sat down and laid down a plan for Brad to do well. Little did he know that he would finally win his first NASCAR championship.

Also keep in mind Keselowski didn’t start in the Miller Lite Dodge. It wasn’t until Kurt Busch imploded that Penske gave the ride to Keselowski. He has done nothing but execute excellence in that car. He has been the replacement they have been looking for since Rusty Wallace retired.

Keselowski has come from a racing family. His father won the ARCA championship as well. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave Brad a ride in the Nationwide Navy car. He won the championship there as well. He becomes only the second driver along with Bobby Labonte win both the NNS and Sprint Cup.

Earlier this year Penske had made the decision to run Fords next year. No one really knows or really understands why. Say what you want you are talking about Roger Penske. He does know what he is talking about and knows what he is doing. It is sad to say good bye to Dodge but no one has picked them up for next year. Going to be really interesting to see what happens here. If you ask my opinion Penske will turn Ford into a dominating force again. Just wait and see.

Great year NASCAR. Don’t agree with all of your decisions. Don’t agree with all of your penalties. But none-the-less a great year. Many changes coming in drivers crew chiefs and teams. Going to be exciting.

Only 98 days until Daytona Baby!!!!!!!

I’m outta here!!!!!