Monday Morning Colts Report

OK here we are again…every Colt fan on social media, around Lucas and everywhere else….Here is what I heard echoed.

Somebody, please, PLEASE … give me back my regular referees … these replacements suck more than anything that has ever sucked before

I mean seriously are you going to blame this loss on the refs?

Lets break this down.

Adam Vinatieri “Ices” himself with the delay of game penalty .. Then the one of the best kickers in the league missed a 36-yarder wide left with 4:40 to go, the defense forced a punt to put the ball back in Luck’s hands for what they expected to be a final time. A 39-yard pass play to Donald Brown moved the ball into field goal range and after three runs and three Jacksonville timeouts, Vinatieri made the 37-yarder that gave Indy the lead….Oh BTW a lead we could not hold on to

The Colts’ defense couldn’t protect their 17-16 lead for even one play. .when you cant defend a pass and prevent a 87 yrd TD pass, and you cant hit a field goal, and you cant control penalties, and you run of gas in the fourth…HMMMM yeah not buying the whole ref story…we suffer under the belief that just because we are the Colts we are entitled to a win…You still have to earn the Win….

Oh wait we are not done yet  Luck gets the ball back at The Colt 37 with 35 seconds to go and after a 36-yard completion, the Colts were at the Jags’ 26.

Then Luck has his big chance to win the game.. but the the “O” couldn’t defend  when Luck got hit just as he started to throw and the ball and oh yeah incomplete.

Then on the final play, Luck throws the ball to Reggie Wayne in the end zone but that was broken up by cornerback Aaron Ross,because the Jaguars can defend…such ending one of the more bizarre games I have ever seen played at Lucas Oil Stadium.

As I said on The Balance and “The Colts extra point”..The Colts had to stop Maurice Jones-Drew , and they could not do that.

So it wasnt the refs…It was the Colts and as much as it saddens me to say this…The Colts still have a long way to go and until they can win crucial games in the AFC South, they will never be more than a 2 win team.

So we go in to the bye week with plenty to ponder…but I promise you The Colts are not blaming the loss on replacment refs…The fans shouldn’t either.

I will catch you on The Balance Saturday morning at 9:00 EST!

Now it really counts

Well now we begin to separate the men from the boys! Our Colts begin AFC divisional play this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So are we men or are we boys? Whats that you say? We have Andrew Luck #1 draft pick the heir to the Manning throne. We must be among the men. Didn’t you see that amazing game against Minnesota. Well what I saw was a sloppy win. I saw a team that let off the gas.

Its true Luck improved from the game at Chicago, and as whole we played better. Yes we had a great first half, and a good third quarter…but then it happened! The proof was in that big bowl of Pudding in the fourth quarter. The whole fourth quarter was a comedy of errors. We have to play better football in the AFC South.

For the the last several years the AFC has been the land of Manning. That no longer is the case.

If the Heir to Manning is to take his place in the AFC  Kingdom he must improve and control the AFC  South! During the Manning reign our Colts won 109 regular season games. Won seven division crowns, plus appearing in every playoff series, and 2 trips to the Super Bowl.Oh yeah The other three division teams? Tennessee won two division titles and went to the playoffs three times. Jacksonville made two postseason appearances. Houston made none.

So I submit to you a team that this rebuilding , and  young team with a rookie QB must find a way to control the AFC South.

Anything less than this is my mind a failed season.

We have all the tools. Jim Irsay,Ryan Grigson and  Charles D. “Chuck” Pagano have to find a way to get it done!

Show the fans we have are beloved Colts back!!!

I am outta of here!

“The Sparky” Report Colts vs Vikings

“The Sparky” Report Colts vs Viking

Written by Sparky the Super Colts Fan
OK so last weekend we can say was a bunch of rookie mistakes, but I’m telling you we will get better and it will be very soon.

Luck looked good to me  yeah he was picked 3 times so what. the bears have always had a good defense and that isn’t going to change. now the Vikings come to town. we better hope our d-line can stop AP.

This guy can easily get 100+ yards on anyone. they have a great up coming QB Christian Ponder. overall though we can take this game easily. both the colts and the Vikings are kind of in a rebuild mode except that the Vikings always seem to be rebuilding every year type of thing.

I don’t think we will have much of any success running the ball against there defense. its going to be all on luck to score and make some big plays this weekend if we want to win.

I believe the final score will be something around 28-21 colts. luck will have 350 yards passing and 3TD passes. by the way since this is a home game you better believe that me and my fiancé will be there all decked out. if you see us come stop and say hi you cant miss us.



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Reggie Wayne Stays a Colt!

So much for Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning, who was released by the Colts last week, ending up on the same tem.

Wayne, 33, has been a vital partof the Colts offense for years, first as the complimentary receiver to Marvin Harrison, then as Manning’s No. 1 option.

In 2011, the five-time Pro Bowler still excelled even as Manning missed the entire season after neck surgery. Wayne had 75 receptions for 960 yards and four touchdowns.

In 2010, Wayne had a career-high 111 receptions for 1,355 yards and six touchdowns. He has 11,708 career receiving yards, putting him 22nd on the all-time list. He is one of only 26 receivers in NFL history to have more than 11,000 yards.

Fans this is where your voice counts…Lets hear it!