NASCAR Not the Only Controversy Today

F1 carWritten by  Cliff Tanner
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Ok race fans there was a ton of quality racing today. We had the IRL start their season. Earlier in the day F1 ran their race and then NASCAR ran at Fontana.

Yes there was excitement in all three of the race series today. However in this particular article I will be touching on the IRL premier and the F1 race. God knows that NASCAR will need their own page after what happened today. I promise it will come soon.

In the F1 series there was a bit of tempers flaring and controversy. Sad part it was between teammates and didn’t involve a crash or a push. Crazy isn’t it. Oh I suppose you want to know.

As well all know if you are an F1 fan the Red Bull team certainly and tend to dominate the sport. They have two of the best drivers in the series. They have produced some championships.

Yes I am talking about l. With just a couple of laps left Weber was leading the race. Vettel was second as you might well imagine. Well a directive was given to Vettel from team owners to stay behind Weber and let him win.

Well Mr. Vettel took a page from Honest Abe Lincoln’s book today. Now before I go on for you who don’t know how President Lincoln worked it went like this; Lincoln would ask his cabinet for their opinions and what they should do. Now you would think he would listen and sway their way. Well he would ponder then say no.

That’s tight Vettel did the same and passed his teammate Weber on the last lap and won the race. Now here we go immediately the whining started. Yes whining not winning although Vettel did do that.

Well Sebastian apologized to Weber and Red Bull Owners. Come on really?

F1 this is why you have a hard time making fans in the US. Too much team orders and certainly not too much racing. That is the truth.

Now I have to go away from the F1 baby momma drama.

Huge congratulations to James Hinchcliffe. He made a tremendous pass of Helio Castroneves late in the race to hold Castroneves for his first career win. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Funny how things work out in racing. Yesterday I was on The Balance Sports radio show on Saturday. Tom Marquis asked me who we need to look out for this year. Immediately I mentioned that James Hinchcliffe would have a break out year. He made me look good and I appreciate that.

Hinchcliffe took over the Go Daddy ride when Danica Patrick left. Andretti Motorsports made a huge statement today with the win. I really don’t believe that Hinchcliffe is done.

Another driver I want to point out is Simona De Silverstro. She had a career best finish today. Although she finished sixth she should have been higher. With just a couple of laps left she began to have tire issues. She just had no traction left and went from third to sixth. She ran in the top four most of the day.

Now there were some interesting things that happened to day in St. Petersburg. Dario Franchitti went out of the race early. He had some equipment problems.

Now for the bone head driver of the day Award.  And the trophy goes to J.R. Hildebrand. WOW is all I can say. Now I know this has happened before I am sure. But J.R. apparently was looking at his maps or his gauges or something. By doing this he ran into the wall and ran over the back tires of Will Power. Power ended up in 14 after running in top five most of the day.

Bottom line don’t text and drive. Dang man don’t you watch commercials or read billboards.

Now with here is the bottom bottom line. Great racing. Weird happenings. This is a great start to what I believe will be a great year in IRL. Watch the drama unfold we have the makings of a mad dash to the championship.

Oh yeah. Danica who? Congrats again to James Hinchcliffe. Not only was this his first win but Go Daddy’s first as well. Yeah Danica who?

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IndyCar goes Hollywood

IndyCar  inked a deal with DreamWorks Animation to make “Turbo to hit theaters in the summer of 2013.

The animated movie features an ordinary garden snail that dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500, and gets a chance to do just that after a freak accident leaves it with extraordinary speed.

The film is scheduled for release July 19, 2013, and is the biggest deal yet for IndyCar’s Entertainment division.

Filmmakers hope the racing snail can become as big a hit as the Cars series that featured a talking, NASCAR-style race car.