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What the HIPAA???

Yes we are going to talk about HIPAA on a sports website. I am really having an issue with all the “BLOWHARDS” in this world creating a political agenda about the smallest thing.

The latest example came from The Butler/Dayton game on Saturday. Let’s not talk about the win over The Dayton Flyers.

Let me set the stage for you..The Bulldogs leading scorer coverage of Rotnei Clarke’s during the game makes full speed into the goal post, twisting his neck and leaving him motionless in the court.

Obviously the injury was one of those that put you on the edge of your seat and holding breath. So as a fan your watching this unfold on LIVE TV…you much like the fans in the stands want to make sure Clark is OK.

The injury occurred right in front of a NBC TV camera, with close-ups and the microphone turned up broadcasting live Clarke’s agony,and the silence in the gym.

You heard Clark say to the medical staff  “I can’t move, I can’t move,” “This is hurting bad.”…

The outrage comes from medical personal saying this was  “morally, ethically wrong” to broadcast this.

So here is my take…Athletes playing on LIVE National TV become public figures. As such you give up the right to privacy! Now lets not take this too far. I am not saying we should have cameras in the back of the ambulance, or in the ER but on the playing field or court we as fans should be allowed to see this unfold. Fans had the rare opportunity to hear a trainer or doctor ask Rotnei, “Did you feel numbness in your hands?” Then telling him, “Don’t move, don’t move.” Later a doctor is heard saying, “He’s got tenderness in C5 – C6.”…This is exciting for fans!

I applaud NBC for staying with the action! Its about time Networks get back to “Covering the Game”!

So I ask you this? Did NBC violate any laws, was the privacy of Clark infringed upon?

If this was your kid playing what would be your response?

As a fan what are your thoughts?


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Happy New Year from The Balance

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Welcome back Chuck

What an awesome site it was to see Chuck Pagano return to the sidelines today for the first time since he began treatment for leukemia Sept. 26.

I watch Chuck take the headset, and place it on his head. The crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium. Fans were holding up “Chuck Strong” Signs. A very emotional welcome for Chuck Pagano!

So lets talk about the impact Chuck has had on this new and young Indianapolis Colts team.

Did the absence of chuck play a major roll in the winning season, and play off appearance. Should Chuck Pagano get the “Coach of the year reward”

The Colts got  an emotional shot in the arm from Pagano’s return that will make them a better team, but they get a coaching shot as well  Pagano, was hired because of his leadership ability and defensive intellect. It is clear that on that he has a handle on this Colts team.  The Colts will be better with his guidance and ideas.

Pagano’s return will give the team other resources and allow interim head coach Bruce Arians to focus more on what he was hired to do, which is run the offense. Other assistants also will be given more time to focus on their areas of specialty. The Colts have had incredible coaching in Pagano’s absence, but they should have even better coaching now that he’s back.

The lights in the coaches office can now be turned off….

Thanks Indy for being Colts Strong!

Good Luck in the Post Season….Go Colts

Hoosier Hysteria is Back!

Growing up in Indiana with legendary names such as Bobby Knight,Scott May,Steve Alford, and Calbert Chaney. That’s just to name a few of the greats to wear and coach the Cream and Crimson.

As I sat in my living room last night with my IU gear on watching the Hoosiers dominate The Tar Heels. I was taken back to a time as a kid watching IU Basketball, remembering my Grandmother rooting for IU, and everywhere you went there was signs of IU basketball.

Mike Woodson said it best…. “Every yard had courts, little basketball hoops in the yard. If you didn’t have it, you had neighbors two doors down that had it. You had parks in every area of town where you could go get a pickup game”

Hoosier Hystreia was more than just a saying it was way of life!

Do you remember names like Steve Green, Kent Benson and Quinn Buckner

During Bob Knight’s 29 years as head coach at Indiana, the Hoosiers won 662 games, including 22 seasons of 20 or more wins, while losing but 239, a remarkable .735 winning percentage. In 24 NCAA appearances at Indiana, Hoosier teams under Bob Knight won 42 of 63 games (.667), winning titles in 1975-76, 1980-81, and 1986-87, while finishing third in 1973 and 1992. While at Indiana, a total of 23 different players under Coach Knight’s tutelage received All-American and All-Big Ten honors. For 10-consecutive seasons, a player made the All-American Academic and All-Big Ten Academic Teams, and a total of 18 players were so honored. Nine Indiana players won  Big Ten Most Valuable Player honors.

Kent Benson of the 1976 NCAA Championship team scoring in a Big Ten game against Illinois in 1977
I realize there is still a lot of Ball left to play…but there is something special about this IU team…gives me goose bumps just thinking about it…Could it be..Could IU be National Champions once again

Now Fist Bump me and get back to work!

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Chuck + Luck+T=W

Before I dive into today’s blog. I wanna say I am back and thanks for all the patience.  As some may know I have been moving. All is back to normal now.

Well you didn’t come here to talk about me…you came to talk some Indy Pro Sports.

Don’t look now but your Indianapolis Colts are at 6-3

So what has been the formula for the magic and the buzz the Colts are creating. I have broke it down for you.

Chuck + Luck+T=W

  • The Chuck Pagano Factor….The Colts are playing for their coach. Unless you have been under a rock you know that Colts Head Coach Paganao is battling acute promyelocytic leukemia. Pagano, 52, was diagnosed with the subtype of acute myeloid leukemia in September. He immediately started treatment and turned over the coaching reins. How could you not be choked up after watching the postgame locker room speech from Coach Chuck! A man with no hair, a quivering voice and a black jacket two sizes too big for his thin shoulders gave 73 second speech that will go down as one of the NFL’s all-time most inspiring moments. Yesterday The Indianapolis Colts, including quarterback Andrew Luck, shaved their heads in a gesture of solidary with their coach, who is entering the second phase of chemotherapy for his treatable form of leukemia. He was told Monday that his disease is in remission. He is not, however, cured yet and the next round of chemo is expected to be especially grueling.
  • The Luck Factor….Rookie QB Andrew Luck has been remarkable. One could argue he is better than Peyton Manning in his Rookie year. Yes I know I was one of those guys saying RGIII was better for us than Luck. Well guess I was wrong. Better mark it down because you wont hear me say that often. 433 yards; usually, the losing quarterback throws for a gain like that. Apparently, so do quarterbacks without a run game. Andrew Luck’s day Sunday was almost perfect, and the players around him (hello, LeVon Brazill) helped bring the Colts their fifth win this season. Luck took the cue, throwing for 273 yards in the first half — the fourth highest first-half total in franchise history — and it didn’t take much longer for the No. 1 overall draft pick to join Peyton Manning as the only players in league history with four 300-yard games in their rookie seasons. Not every rookie gets a game jersey in the HOF!
  • “T” The Team Factor….The Colts are finally starting to click and play like team that is hungry. Tonight the Colts take on a familiar foe. Your Colts, who will visit the Jags in an AFC South match up Tonight in Prime time  on Thursday night, improved to 5-3 last Sunday with a huge win against the Dolphins. Indianapolis racked up 516 yards of total offense and dominated a Miami team that entered the contest with the best third-down defense in the NFL. The Colts were 13-of-19 on third down, including Vick Ballard’s 19-yard run on a 3rd-and-7 which ended the contest. A dismal Jacksonville season, meanwhile, continued last Sunday when a stifling Detroit defense combined with a career game from Mikel Leshoure led the Lions to a 31-14 win over the Jaguars in the Sunshine State.

Chuck + Luck+T=W or should I say 6-3, and dare I use the “P” word…

Lets go Colts

Now “Fist Bump” me and get back to work!

Written by

Cliff Tanner
Owner & Host
Radio Speed Talk
Cliff Dawg Media

Age Old Question VS Money

It is 2012 two days away from the presidential election and the Almighty Buck always prevails.

There is nothing you can do about it. I know this will probably fall on deaf ears as always. I do want to know what you the race fan thinks about this and would like to read your opinion.

Saturday night with the NNS run in with Denny Hamlin and Austin Dillon brings the point up again. A Cup and NNS driver in a NNS race at Texas.


I have always and will always be against Cup drivers coming down in the lower levels of racing. First of all there is a reason the divisions are the way they are.The Camping World Truck and Nationwide leagues were intended for young drivers learning the sport and a chance to race in the Sprint Cup series.

MLB has AAA AA and A leagues. What are these for is the development of future Big League ball players. The only way you see a major leaguer go down to the minors is for a rehab stint or they aren’t ready for the big leagues. The NFL doesn’t really have a minor league but they do have Arena Ball. the NHL NBA and others all have minor leagues for this reason.

There for my thoughts go as follows; One let the younger guys race for their championship which will keep the Cup drivers out of it. Secondly if the Cup boys want to be part of Camping World or Nationwide then let them do it as car owners. Thirdly let it be the way it was intended let them work to get to the Cup level.

Now with that being said I also believe that Nationwide drivers should stay where they are and stay out of the Cup until you earn your way in. Make sure they have a full time ride before they make the jump. Now if a Cup driver is cut loose or can’t find a Cup ride then they can go back down and work their way back up. Pretty simple don’t you think?

There is only one thing that puts a wrinkle in this theory. MONEY. What? Yes we all know the reason they allow Cup drivers to go down to lower levels is so they can sell tickets.That is the bottom line after all.

Sorry still don’t buy it. It seems to me that if you let drivers battle it out on the track for the championship you will would sell more tickets.Think about it for a minute. If you awarded the points to the Nationwide or Camping World drivers the points the Cup drivers that race you would see more competitive racing. You may even have more than two or three racers closer in points. Just my opinion.

Let me know what you think?

I’m outta here!