Second Half Heroes


By Jared Calhoun

Second Half Heroes and Injury Replacements

You may have just experienced the same types of line up losses I have. Some seasons have been ruined already by the injury bug and under performance. Whether it is Vick, Doug Martin, C.J. Spiller, Randall Cobb, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Steven Jackson, and David Wilson and now Jimmy Graham, you still have hope.

Players you should be high on.

Terrance Williams WR – Dallas

If you haven’t noticed. All this guy has done since the week he stepped in the lineup is produce. He is out producing Miles Austin and will continue to play ahead of him. WR3/Flex

Jarrett Boykin WR – Green Bay

It isn’t exactly easy to fill Randall Cobb’s shoes, but when Aaron Rodgers is throwing you the ball, things get a little easier. He could easily be a WR2 the rest of the way out.

Zac Stacy RB – St. Louis

People will be low on Stacy this week if he gets shutdown by the Seahawks without their QB Sam Bradford. Many people may return him to waivers next week, but if you’re dealing with a replacement who is out for the year I like him better than MJD.

Jordan Reed TE – Washington

The performance speaks for itself. If he is still on waivers you need to pick him up. Even Jimmy Graham owners should be in pursuit with Graham in question for this week.

T.Y. Hilton WR – Indianapolis

Many people think Darrius Heyward-Bey is going to the get the boost with the Reggie Wayne injury, and he very may will, but the guy I am after is Hilton. He needs consistent targets. The only knock on him before was the amount of opportunities he was getting. This is a huge opportunity to establish himself with the colts long term. He is a WR2 or Flex going forward.

Marvin Jones – WR – Cincinnati

He may not play this week, which is better for people reading this. He will probably be dropped because he is injured but this is a more than bye-week fill in going forward. Dalton has produced great numbers since Jones’ emergence. Look for him to be solid when he gets healthy again. WR3-WR4

Week 2: Fantasy Football Talk by Jared Calhoun


By Jared Calhoun


Why you shouldn’t draft Patriot’s RBs or WRs and Week 2 Buy Lows and Sell highs!

The preseason does not matter.

Patriots ruin your fantasy team. (Except Tom Brady)

I only drafted two Patriots players this year through 5 leagues. I drafted Rob Gronkowski in a league where I got him in the late 4th round and Kembrell Thompkins as a late roun pick in a very deep league. Our most recent example over hyped Patriots players, Thompkins and Sudfeld, had ‘breakout’ preseason performances against 2nd and 3rd string defenses had only to fall on their face in their week one preview. There was so much hype on both those players you would have through it was the next Gronkoski and Megatron themselves.

Then you have Danny Amendola who couldn’t even make it a half before getting hurt. No one denies his production, but I don’t want a player on my team that isn’t dependable. SELL HIGH WHILE YOU CAN! Julian Edelman comes in and vultures two TDs. He is obviously a reliable target of Brady’s mind. If you got Edelman in your draft or off of waivers, I’d start him as a number 3 or weak number 2 receiver. I would use him over the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Torrey Smith this week . Torrey Smith has the same match up Mike Wallace did last week in Joe Hayden where he put up an awful statistical day just last week. As a late round pick or a pick up there is some serious value here in Edelman.

Then you look at Ridley, yes he had a productive season last year. The key word here is last year. So he probably lost you your week because of his coaches lack of commitment and his performance. Shane Vereen comes in and plays hurt for the rest of the game over him. Ridley is lucky he will get his job back because of the lack of talent behind him and Vereen, but who is to say they run the ball at all because of their fumble worries.

Sell High!

Micheal Vick
If you have a top ten QB and Vick, see if you can pawn him off for a solid running back or receiver upgrade. This offense will put up huge points but he could also be out for the year tomorrow.

Peyton Manning
I’m not saying he won’t be awesome the rest of the year, but check with that Flacco or Freeman owner to see if they would upgrade you at running back. QBs are everywhere, including waivers. Maybe you could grab a player like David Wilson or Giovanni Bernand.

Buy Low

Trent Richardson

He absolutely torched the respectable Miami defense on the first drive and then they stacked the box, so the Browns played the odds and went to the air with Weeden. That didn’t work out too well for Richardson or the Browns. Look for them to lean on what works. Richardson has good historical stats against the Ravens, and now they are without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Giovanni Bernard

This guy didn’t get much action and had 2 long plays called back on penalties. I knew the Browns wouldn’t make him the primary running back over Benjarvus Green-Ellis week one, but it will come. They took Bernard over every other running back in the draft because they believe he is special. This is a great time to give someone “safer” or an extra WR for Bernard. Green-Ellis averaged under 3 yards per carry on 33 carries. This isn’t a new trend for him. That screams replacement.

Fantasy Football Talk by Jared Calhoun


By: Jared Calhoun


This time of year, many preseason lists become out dated with injuries and depth chart adjustments. If you’re drafting this weekend like I am, here are some players that are guaranteed to help you win your league and some players that will sink you like an anchor. I’m interested in drafting players with as few question marks as possible.

Under Drafted Players

QB – Matt Stafford DET– Stafford’s touch downs dropped from 41 in 2011 to 20 in 2012. If he ends up with a happy medium around 30 or so and he will be leading you to glory considering you may be able to get him in the 8th round or later. Remember how bad his WRs outside of Calvin Johnson were last year? It can only get better. He will play this whole year at 25 years old.

QB – Andrew Luck IND – I really think Luck has the capability to be a top 5 QB with a year of experience. I would take luck in the first 6 rounds for 10-12 team leagues.  This whole team is another year older and Ahmad Bradshaw will help keep Luck upright. I’d rather have him than Newton, Kaepernick, RG3, Ryan or Russell Wilson.

RB – David Wilson NYG – If you already drafted and you picked Wilson, you struck fantasy gold. His backfield counterpoint Andre Brown suffered a fractured leg this week. Wilson is explosive with top 10 back potential. Draft with confidence in the 2nd round. Look at his stats from the last couple weeks of the season in 2012.

RB – Giovanni Bernard CIN– I would draft this guy in the second round and be happy about it. He was drafted to take over for Green-Ellis and I think it is sooner rather than later. The Bengals drafted him in the second round for a reason.

WR – Torrey Smith – With the departure of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta’s injury, Smith will have all the opportunity in the world to improve on his 8 TDs from last year. This will be his 3rd year and which is the year that we normally see a large jump in production from receivers.

WR – Josh Gordon CLE – The browns have a great offensive line with a great running back and an improving QB. This is a 12 round pick or beyond. Gordon is suspended the first couple games of the season and may even be able to be grabbed off waivers at some point.

Stay Away Players

QB – Robert Griffin III – This guy is still coming back from knee surgery, while he has big time potential, I will not draft a player who is a running QB that will be changing his style of play. I’m looking for a guy to take me to the playoffs, not someone who will be leaving games early or be out half of the season.

RB – Arian Foster – Foster’s yards per carry average has dropped each of the last three years. Enough said. He wasn’t healthy enough to play in the pre-season and Ben Tate is chomping at the bit. This guy will not be my 1st round pick. I would take him in the second round but I doubt he ever falls to that.

RB – Darren McFadden OAK – This guy could blow up in my face, but I want nothing to do with it. He is an injury risk and he plays on a bad team. The box will be stacked against him. STAY AWAY! Let someone else gamble.

WR – Andre Johnson TEX – Look out for this guy. As great of a career as he has had he has never had 10 TDs in a season. That is not what I want from a top receiver. They drafted DeAndre Hopkins and I believe he will benefit more this year from Andre Johnson’s double team than Johnson benefits from Hopkins presence.