Kyle Busch Wins Second Straight Brickyard 400

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In the 107 year history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway there hasn’t been a more dominant performance then the one Kyle Busch delivered this weekend.

After leading 62 of 63 laps in Saturday’s victory in the Lilly Diabetes 250, Busch saved the best for last on Sunday leading 149 of 170 laps en route to becoming the first driver in history to sweep both poles and races at the Brickyard holding off Matt Kenseth by 2.126 seconds to score the victory.

Busch also became the second driver in history to win back to back Brickyard 400’s joining Jimmie Johnson as the only drivers to accomplish the feat.

“I felt pretty good to be up front and obviously you’ve got to do everything in your power to not screw it up,” Busch said.

“I can imagine if I would have … beaten one of those guys with the super fast cars [in the past] how they would have felt because I know how I would have felt here today.”

Busch talked about how important the restarts were today at Indy with track position being at a premium.

“We had the race in our hands that we can manipulate the restarts how I needed to and make sure that I got to the No. 1 spot and Matt [Kenseth] was able to do the same thing last week [at New Hampshire],” Busch said.

“Each and every week, it’s power to the leader. That’s what we’ve all kind of asked for with this bigger restart zone and stuff, too, so when you are the race leader that you’ve earned that right to restart how you want.”

Jimmie Johnson was able to rally to a third place finish after being a lap down late in the going. He was followed by: Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson rounded out the top five.

Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Martin Truex Jr., Austin Dillon, and Paul Menard rounded out the top ten.

Notables included: Tony Stewart 11th, Jeff Gordon 13th, Chase Elliott 15th, Kurt Busch 16th, Brad Keselowski 17th, Kasey Kahne 18th, Clint Bowyer 21st, Danica Patrick 22nd, Ryan Newman 31st, and Carl Edwards finished 35th after being caught up in a late race incident.

In a race lacking highlights, the highlight of the race came after the checkered flag had fallen when Stewart and Gordon took a ceremonial lap around the 2.5 mile oval side by side in what was likely barring unforeseen circumstances the last Brickyard 400 for both sure fire hall of famers. After coming back on pit road, Stewart and Gordon hugged.

“For us to share that moment together, I mean that’s probably our last lap around here in a professional race, and I’ll cherish that moment,” Stewart said. “It’s something that doesn’t happen very often.

“It was pretty cool. … We’re never going to get that chance to do that again.”

“Tony and I have gone through a lot over the years, but he and I have become really good friends,” Gordon said. “I was with him when he got hurt this year. … I learned a lot about Tony Stewart. He’s driven. He’s tough.

“To see him in that pain I saw him in and come back and win Sonoma [last month] and be out here driving like this with a chance at a championship when this whole thing is over, that’s impressive.”

Rumor Has It or What You Talkin’ Bout Willis?

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Cliff Tanner
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Rumor Has It or What You Talkin’ Bout Willis?

On the first day God created the heavens and the earth. Thousands of years later He would create rumors in NASCAR.

Yes they are called reports from person close to negotiations of both camps involved but underlying saying is RUMOR HAS IT. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe some of them.

Interesting thing is two things come into play here. Ok, there is more but we will get to that later. One the rumor comes on the second to last rase in the Chase. Second the rumor comes for the year 2014. Crazy?. Hell no not in NASCAR!

Reports say that Kevin Harvick has signed with Stewart-Haas for the 2014 season. Now it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. It is obvious that Harvick who in my mind has overcome the most pressure that any driver in recent history is no longer happy at Childress Racing. Kevin took over the car that arguably driven by one the best drivers in history Dale Earnhardt Sr. And he won a race with it in his third try.
Now we all know that the Dillon boys (Austin and Ty) are the future of Childress. With all of that “the Closer’ has struggled in his equipment the last couple of years. Yet he still seems to make The Chase but after that is not a factor. Like all good drivers sometimes you just need to make a change to change you destiny. In my mind this is the greatest move for not only Harvick but Stewart-Haas.

If this in fact true several things come into play. We could spend all day with all the speculation. I ask now if this isn’t going to be the new trend in NASCAR. Heck I guess that could go for any racing league. Making a decision about one’s future with teams is not a bad idea for the driver.

Now what does this do to Stewart-Haas? Do they field a fourth team? No chance in Hell. Does Tony Stewart retire and just become an owner? Double Hell no! LOL That just cracks me thinking about that.

In the 2013 season Stewart-Haas has Ryan Newman and Danica Patrick under contract full time. No we can’t cunt Tony he owns the team. First there was speculation that Newman might not even had been signed for next season. He will be back for 2013. So who does Harvick replace?

Newman will be in the 39 car in 2013. Let’s take a look at his success at Stewart-Haas. He has made The Chase in 2013 and not been a factor. Yes I know neither has Tony. Now keep in mind there were some changes mad a this organization. Hell tony fired his crew chief last year in the middle of then he won the Championship with him. Anytime there is changes there comes adversity. Newman has won some races but in my mind hasn’t produced enough to keep his ride here. However you need to hang on to that thought. You will see why in a few seconds.

Now yes I know we are going there Danica Patrick. Now she has ran a handful of races for Stewart-Haas this year. She also is running NNS at JR Motorsports. Now if you paid attention to what happened in Phoenix yesterday that would be enough said. She did finish 10th but now without an outbreak of whining from many.

Now we all know that Patrick is a cash cow and in racing that is 90% percent of the battle. Then the who is Danica;s sponsor announced that she would be fading out somewhat. They have decided they now need to focus more on the professional side of the mix. Does this mean Patrick has outlived her time at GoDaddy? They actually survived the IRL void left by Patrick. James Hinchcliffe has done a wonderful job being a spokesman for GoDaddy.

We can’t forget this season for Danica in the NNS. She has crashed several times this year, Hel she crashed herself trying to crash someone else. You have to earn respect in this racing league. Unlike the IRL fans NASCAR fans are much different. In the IRL fans loved her because she was a fan favorite. Now because she is a woman she earned a lot of fans. Now slow down fans I am not a male Chauvinist pig here. She has brought a lot of females fan to the sport both in IRL and NASCAR.

Now NASCAR fans may love you at first but it is short lived if you don’t produce. You have to be a Earnhardt to get that kind of respect. You have to win at least one and run consistently.

Take that over to the racing side or better known as the Brotherhood of NASCAR drivers and you have to earn the respect of them Do you really think they are going to just sit around and open the door for a woman. I think not. To make it in NASCAR you have to beat and bang with the best of them. Really I believe Danica thought it would be easier. Now with that being said I believe that Tony can make her a better driver but how quick is the question.

Not to mention the fact that I believe in my own personal opinion she is moving way too fast. She is not ready to drive full time in Sprint Cup. I think if she had one more year in NNS she could become a good driver. It is rare for a driver to come from IRL to NASCAR. You have Tony Stewart first and foremost. A.J. Foyt proved he could win in both. Look at Sam Hornish Jr. who had much more success in IRL than Danica. He was another driver who came up too soon. Look what he is doing in NNS now. I believe in a year or two he could become an elite driver in NASCAR.

But as I said before it is all about money. What happens if GoDaddy takes away Patrick’s sponsorship and big time money? What will she do now? Well as you all know there will be plenty of takers to capitalize on Danicamania. But she still has to produce. If she don’t win she may not be at Stewart-Haas in 2014.

So again I ask you the fans who will Harvick replace? Tell me your thoughts. Or can we see two new drivers in the Stewart-Haas stable? Or do we see a two car team? Rumor has it no one knows.

I’m outta here!