BlueGrayOctoberSky Blog/Rick Riggin Guest Blogger

Well as we approach our College Football Season we are bringing back “College Football Saturday”, also we will be talking H.S. Football Across the State of Indiana every other Saturday.
We are proud to have Rick Riggin sports Blogger from BlueGrayOctoberSky. Each week will feature a BlueGrayOctoberSky Blog.
Also joining us for College Football Saturday will be Matt Poling.
The best thing about Rick and Matt they are just normal everyday fans,which is what the Balance is about, and is our foundation.

Lets welcome Rick Riggin and Matt Poling to The Balance Team.

Now on to this weeks BlueGrayOctoberSky Blog

Should the cut block be banned totally? If you’re a fan of triple option football, then the answer is HELL NO! And it could be suggested that I’m a big dummy for asking. This is a designed block used with the intent of cutting a defender down at the knees. It’s only legal within 5 yds of the line of scrimmage, and within the tackle box. Also, the defender can’t be engaged with another player, or it’s considered an “illegal chop block”. Most teams use this technique in some form or another, but the most devastating team that uses it is Navy. Now, I’m not really crying about it because I’m an Irish fan, and it seams like half the defense is out for the rest of the year after the Navy game. I’m just merely asking the question, and checking the water temperature on this subject. I understand why teams like Navy use this weapon. I’m guessing because of size restrictions, the OL is undersized to block straight up. How dangerous is this style of play, and what are ways to protect yourself against injury from it? How many knees, ACL’s, MCL’s, shins, ankles, and feet have been sacrificed for the good of a hard fought win?