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Today’s episode features interviews from previously recorded episodes.

Ralph Sheheen
Ariel Biggs
The original debut shows for co host that one Radio Guy Rick Riggin/Jordan The Intern

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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (Oct. 21, 2015) – As the latest innovations in racing go on display at the 28th annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, the need for knowledge to implement and apply those technologies accompanies it hand-in-hand and that need has helped the ‘three biggest business days of racing’ grow into a week-long flurry of activity with Race Industry Week beginning Monday, Dec. 7 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Attendees will be able to be a part of a variety of conferences, seminars and events that allow them to learn and interact with experts from around the racing industry, highlighted by the three-day PRI Trade Show that runs from December 10–12.

“The racing industry is constantly evolving,” said John Kilroy, PRI Trade Show Producer. “You’re always learning and adjusting and the reality is if you can’t keep up, you get left behind. That’s why Race Industry Week is so valuable – it gives attendees the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with the leaders in the industry – whether it be engineering-wise, track safety or the business aspects of racing. There’s literally something for everyone.”

It’s not just smaller operations that take advantage of these opportunities, but some of the dominant players in the sport who attend Race Industry Week looking for an edge.

“I’m there to learn – it’s a great collection of minds and leading people in the industry,” said Lake Speed, Jr., of Driven Racing Oil, who’s new racing gear oil dominated the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule in the summer of 2015 with double-digit wins. “It’s always good to see things outside your normal realm that you wouldn’t normally see. It makes you think. We’re an engine lubricant supplier. We’re a part of the engine like everything else is. You have to know what everyone else is doing. So, for us, the AETC is a great place to be because everyone is here for the same reason – to learn.”

A number of key events will return in 2015 including the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC), the Race Track Business Conference-2015, the International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS) Congress, the Applied Vehicle Dynamics Seminar and the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow National Championship. New this year will be the MIA International Business Sales & Trade Workshop.

Numerous exhibitor and race business seminars will also take place. In addition, Race Industry Week also will include awards ceremonies from four sanctioning bodies as ARCA, NMCA, NMRA and USAC all will have their season-ending functions running in conjunction with the show. The ever-popular Grand Opening Breakfast will once again serve as the kickoff event for PRI 2015.

Approximately 1,200 racing industry suppliers will occupy 3,200 booths, while exhibiting the latest developments in auto racing technology. Buyers from throughout the U.S. and 70 countries from around the globe are expected for the world’s premier trade show for motorsports professionals.

For additional information on the 2015 PRI Trade Show, or hotel and travel information, visit

*Please note that some events require fees and/or pre-registration.

MEDIA CONTACT: John Procida, 313-515-3985