The Balance Presents Super Bowl 50 Party/Special

Welcome to the annual Balance Super Bowl Party/Special broadcast.

This should be your 1st stop on Super Bowl Sunday. Today we invite freinds of the show back to talk nothing but Super Bowl

Host of the Balance El Presidente Tom Marquis and special guest Co-Host Ed Kracz Ed Kracz beat writer covering the Philadelphia Eagles for Calkins Media bring you all The Super Bowl storylines with a “Balance Twist”

This is a “Podcast” Format so 2 hours commercial free Super Bowl Talk

Mo of the Co Host of @BSSportstheFan Show, Matt Hicks from 1070 the fan in Indy,Kent Sterling of the Kent Sterling Show,Jason Hammer of the Hammer and Nigel show all are just a few of the guest expected to call into today’s show.

We will have serious breakdowns, with some comic relief, and we will probably fall the “The Rails’ from time to time..But Hey its Super Bowl Sunday

But rest assured like always

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This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

The Balance Air Date Saturday 2/6/2016

On today’s show we talk to Roger Holtsclaw from and Turn4 promotions he will be calling us from the Pits at “Winter Meltdown” at Greenville-Pickens Speedway

Contiuing our Race Talk Steve Wilson calling to talk #NASCAR and Tony Stewart #Rolex24, and of course we being the “Daytona 500” Talk

Second half Super Bowl 50 talk begins Rich Nye “The Sports Guy” calls us and talks about the legacy of #18 Peyton Manning. Rich brings vast experience and hometown perspective to his sports reporting for WTHR, Channel 13, and covered Peyton Manning as a Colt in its entirety

Then Wrapping things up “the Great Nick Bosak joins us to talk Super Bowl, and this and that

Its Saturday Morning

Finally a show for all FANS

If your a fan of the game…Your a fan of the BALANCE. Become a Balance Minion today @TBalance, follow our family @ProIndy @2Hotcorner @IndyInMay

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Its Saturday Morning

This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

The Balance Air Date 1/23/2016


On todays show we talk to Turn Four Promotions and Sylvia Porter promoter of Anderson Motorspeedway in South Carloina. Also Dustin Albino writer for Speedway Digest talks #NASCAR and gives a report from media week in Charlotte.

Derrick Schultz from Fox Sports 975 Query & Schultz show talk #NFL Championship weekend and The Brady/Manningg matchup as well as Newton/Palmer matchup

Of course as a normal…..

Finally a show for all FANS

If your a fan of the game…Your a fan of the BALANCE. Become a Balance Minion today @TBalance, follow our family @ProIndy @2Hotcorner @IndyInMay

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Its Saturday Morning

This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

Colts Play Best Game of Season

Denver Broncos versus the Indianapolis Colts

Its official. The baton has been passed. Manning to Luck. A new era has begun, and at the center of it is Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Yesterday was an expected battle, which would most likely be a back and forth offensive battle, with practically the entirety of analysts in the known universe betting on the Broncos. Strangely, those those expectations failed, and Andrew Luck and the Colts shocked the world.

Being an avid Colts fan, I expected many turnovers and mistakes to take place, but I expected Lucks talent to overrule all else. This expectation was also partially incorrect.

The game seemed to be one of fight, with the game tied 7-7. Then the turning point of the game. Colts rush linebacker and rookie Jonathan Newsome beat left tackle Ryan Clady; to strip sack former Colt Peyton Manning. Why was this the turning point? It changed the momentum, and the Colts never turned back. On the ensuing drive, the Colts scored on a pass to a Dwayne Allen that was practically being hugged by frustrated corner Aqib Talib.

Denver caught the Colts on the wrong night. Every part of the Colts defense was clicking. They held Denver to 288 total yards of offense, deflected 7 passes, gave Peyton Manning 27.9 QBR, and held Colts-killer Julius Thomas to a lowly 53 yards. Oh and Denver scored 1 touchdown, the ENTIRE game.

Hakeem Nicks made his mark on the game with yet another great late game catch, this one for a touchdown on a bullet pass from Andrew Luck.

Maybe the most impacting performance of all Sunday, was the Colts offensive line. Which was quite unexpected, considering the injuries to Gosder Cherilus and Jonathan Harrison and extreme inconsistency of Hugh Thornton; the o-line playing well doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The biggest suprise was Colts left tackle Joe Reitz. Earlier this year he had a few bad games, in his worst against Jacksonville he allowed 4 sacks in the first quarter. Since then hes been a pretty decent help, and yesterday he played very well. Shockingly they allowed NO SACKS yesterday.

Peyton Manning went 26/46 on passes Sunday, and seemed to struggle hitting wide open wide receivers down field. In fact it seemed painful to watch Manning try to loft a ball downfield. The torn quad, and his age a showing, and it does not look good. After the game when asked about retirement he stated “I just cant give that simple answer, I cant say right now”. When Peyton is unsure about something, its likely that he may be done, and I cant blame him.

The Colts will play the New England Patriots next Sunday in Foxborough for the AFC Championship. Andrew Luck has never beaten the Pats. In fact, he hasn’t come within 3 touchdowns in any matchup. I expect things to be a lot closer, and far more interesting.



Why Peyton Owes Irsay an Apology

By Jared Calhoun

I was disgusted to notice the Indy Star chose feature Peyton Manning on both the homepage of and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on the front page of Friday’s Indy Star as the Colt’s prepare to face the 6-0 Broncos off a short week and tough loss to the San Diego Chargers.

We all know Peyton’s past accomplishments and accolades from his time in Indy, but his departure alluded to anything but that. Yes, Manning rescued the colts from the cellar of NFL football and put the Colts on top of the AFC South for the last decade along with a Superbowl Title, to join his MVP awards. He did not however, get an Oscar or even a nominee for his role as Irsay’s victim as the saga of “Peyton’s Neck” developed for over a year in Indianapolis.

Yes, the Colts, Irsay and the Colt’s fan base appreciate all Peyton did while he was in Indy, but Peyton owes Irsay an apology. Think about it from this angle, Irsay paid Manning almost $30 million dollars while not playing a game in 2011, just to allow him to walk and receive another $100 million from the Broncos with a chance to win Superbowls in a team that is ready now. Peyton should be the most grateful human being ever, or maybe when you have so many millions in the bank $30 million isn’t just what it use to be. In the real world, if you don’t perform at work you’re out the door without a pay check. Receiving millions of dollars to get your skill back while rehabbing just doesn’t make sense. The idea that Peyton had any animosity towards his employer is absolutely ridiculous. Would you’re employer want you back after losing 30 million on you?

Every story needs a villain and hero, unfortunately this situation left Irsay with a 30 million dollars loss and the villain stigma. “How could you let the icon go” headlines resonated throughout media headlines. Maybe they just blew this up for a good story. I think it could be the media that owes Irsay an apology as they still attempt to stir the Manning-less pot in Indy. I think Green Bay was sad to see Brett Favre go, but you wouldn’t know that with Rodgers now at the helm and his token “discount double check” on every other commercial. If you go to a Colt’s game or walk around downtown Indy on Friday at lunch time you won’t see #18 jerseys, but what you will see is a newly embraced sea of blue #12s. Luck is Indy’s new darling and they are looking forward to 10-15 more years as perennial division winners.

So if the fans are over it, why is the story front page news?


Wow if there were any doubts that Peyton Manning is back. Then after last nights win on MNF in front of the world..Then there should be no more doubts.

Pardon my “FRENCH” but Holy crap!  We saw this God of the pigskin perform his miracles here in Indy. However to see #18 perform his great feats in different uniform just doesn’t seem right.

Is Peyton “The one that got away”?

If you missed MNF last night…Well you only missed the greatest comeback win in MNF history! Peyton Manning was the  engineer of the greatest comeback in MNF history maybe the history of the NFL.

The Broncos rallied from a 24-point deficit at halftime, scoring five touchdowns in the second half to defeat the San Diego Chargers 35-24 on Monday night at Qualcomm Stadium. Both teams are 3-3 this season.

With 29 seconds remaining in the second quarter, the Chargers extended their lead to 24-0 on an 11-yard touchdown pass from San Diego QB Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates — their second TD connection of the game. The 24-0 lead stood at halftime.

At the two-minute warning of the first half, the Broncos trailed the Chargers 17-0.

Broncos score 5th TD in 2nd half

The Broncos scored their fifth touchdown of the second half with 2:15 remaining in the game when Chris Harris returned an interception 46 yards to the end zone. Broncos 35, Chargers 24.

So welcome back to the NFL #18 you have been missed to bad your comeback wasn’t wearing a Colts Uniform..
Well we have Luck now ….
Now fist bump me and get back to work!

Reggie Wayne Stays a Colt!

So much for Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning, who was released by the Colts last week, ending up on the same tem.

Wayne, 33, has been a vital partof the Colts offense for years, first as the complimentary receiver to Marvin Harrison, then as Manning’s No. 1 option.

In 2011, the five-time Pro Bowler still excelled even as Manning missed the entire season after neck surgery. Wayne had 75 receptions for 960 yards and four touchdowns.

In 2010, Wayne had a career-high 111 receptions for 1,355 yards and six touchdowns. He has 11,708 career receiving yards, putting him 22nd on the all-time list. He is one of only 26 receivers in NFL history to have more than 11,000 yards.

Fans this is where your voice counts…Lets hear it!

Peyton Manning and Colts part ways!

Peyton Manning and Colts part ways!Peyton Manning’s 14-year career as a member of the Indianapolis Colts is coming to an end.

The four-time league MVP missed the entire 2011 season after having his third neck surgery in 19 months, a fusion of two vertebrae. His doctors have medically cleared him to resume his career and Manning has increased his throwing regimen.

The decision to pass on the $28 million bonus owed Manning and not to pick up the four remaining years on his contract means Manning will become a free agent

What are your thoughts on the release of Peyton Manning!

We love you, Peyton!

I would like to take a moment to introduce Brian Jensen. Brian is a true Colts fan…or should I say a “SUPER COLTS FAN.” I am sure you have seen him at the Colts home games. Each week we will feature the “SPARKY”… so without further adieu I bring the first Sparky.

So this coming week is the week as a Colts fan we wonder where this franchise is going to headed. Does Jim Irsay pay Peyton Manning and keep his, what will most likely be, best QB of all time or does he let him go and bring in what might be the next QB of the Colts for the next 10-15 years?

We all would like to see Peyton finish his career as a Colt. Let’s face it though, he might be on his way to another team. If this happens we would think that wherever he ends his career as a player that he will come back to Indianapolis and coach in some way. There are a lot of ways that this could play out, but with the highly rated Andrew Luck at the top of the board and with the No. 1 pic, ‘what do you do?’

As a fan, you don’t think about the future in the business perspective. We only see #18, one of if not the best, QB ever. The man that helped build Lucas Oil Stadium, the face of the Colts. The business side would be thinking about the next 10-15 years not the next 3-5. Andrew Luck is the most guaranteed player coming out of the draft since Peyton Manning. Draft Luck and let Peyton go. I want the future of the Colts to be as great as the last 10 years. As for Peyton, wherever he goes, I will be one of the first to own his new jersey and that team will easily be my second team until Manning retires and comes back to Indy to be a coach. We love you, Peyton, and good luck to you, whatever the outcome may be… GO COLTS!!!!!

Brian Jensen