The Balance Super Bowl Party/Special


It’s that time agan ! The Annual Balance Super Bowl Party/Special

With your host El Presidente Tom Marquis and $2.00 Bill Josh

For you Balance Rookie Minions out there… Every year we run a special air of the Balance, and this year will be no different!

I know its hard to believe there is more to Super Bowl XLIX than “Deflate Gate”

We will be talking about all the story lines.

Super Bowl AD’s, kitty and puppy bowl..and yes deflate gate.

Don’t miss our annual Super Bowl Party/Special February 1st,2015

We will have
Jason Hammer from HAMMER AND NIGEL 
Matt Hicks from 1070 the fan/Jersey Johnny show
Nick Bosak Producer of The Kent Sterling Show CBSSports 1430AM 3-6pm Mon-Fri @Sports1430AM. Free lance play-by-play broadcaster. One step at a time.
ED Kracz Philadelphia Eagles beat writer: Calkins Media
Jeff Curts from Bears Claws and The Slant Draft Guide

Heck you never know who will show on the The Balance Super Bowl Party/Special

Its the
New England

So join us at 9:00 AM EST LIVE

2015 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round


This season the NFL playoffs, have basically gone as expected. The highlight of course being Luck Vs. Manning, and the interesting side stories of the always underdog Ravens making another unexpected run. In this article I’ll be reviewing each one of these playoff games and giving my predictions.

Ravens Vs. Patriots: Interestingly enough these 2 teams have faced in recent years many times. This is actually the only team Brady doesn’t dominate in the Playoffs. Baltimore winning the last 2 playoff matchup’s (one of them leading to Superbowl victory). The Ravens seem to start playing well come playoff time and regular-season-struggler Joe Flacco (or should a say Flacko) turns it a different QB. John Harbaugh calls “The leagues best quarterback”. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are ready to get over the Baltimore hump, and as always will be ready to pinpoint the weakness of the Ravens; which would be its secondary. This will likely not be a smooth running offensive heavy game. Its going to get real ugly.

Prediction: My guess is, things are going to go down to the wire. In this situation Joe Flacco chokes, and Brady will capitalize. All week the favorites have been the Ravens due to the competitive nature of the last 2 games. This round things will be different, thats Pats will be ready; and they’ll win, 28-24.

Panthers Vs. Seahawks: This NFC matchup will be one of more intrigue, with young athletic QBs Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. Newton’s Panthers are easily the worst team left this playoffs, considering the terrible regular season record (7-8-1). Wilson’s Seahawks finished the regular season with a 6 game winning streak, beating the 49ers and Cardinals twice. Even though this matchup does get fans excited, the Seahawks will have no trouble winning this game. The Panthers just have far to many issues; struggling to find a pass game, or any success in the secondary at all. Richard Sherman will eat rookie Kelvin Benjamin alive and the Panthers will be put in their place on Sunday. The only thing that would keep them in the game would be if the Seahawks struggle to pass the football, which is a definite possibility.

Prediction: Not saying this will be a blowout, but i do expect the Seahawks to win this game, no doubt. A young Cam Newton might carry his team with his legs, but in the end the Seahawks are a better team in almost all areas.

Cowboys Vs. Packers: Ahh Aaron Rodgers, the leagues best quarterback to face of against Americas most hated team the Dallas Cowboys. Such a sweet matchup for this divisional round. A surprising Dallas team against a Superbowl favorite Green Bay. This game could go many directions, but I think Dallas will have too many issues. Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core is just too much for a horrific Dallas secondary that ranks 26th in the league in yards allowed. Demarco Murray will be the x-factor for the Cowboys in this game. If he can control the tempo and rush for about 80-90 yards. The Cowboys might have a shot. I just think the Packers offense so a different universe better than the Cowboys defense and that will decide the game.

Prediction: Aaron Rodgers will deliver a monstrous game for the Packers, and will lead his team to another deep playoff run. As for the Cowboys, they’ve had a great season, but that secondary will be the downfall of them Sunday. Packers win 29-17.

Colts Vs. Broncos: Otherwise known as Luck Vs. Manning, otherwise otherwise known as the playoffs best game. This will be the game of the year. Peyton Manning’s old team the Indianapolis Colts come to town in his new city, with a new QB. The Chosen one, Andrew Luck. In this game Andrew Luck has everything to gain, and not a lot to lose. On the other hand Peyton Manning has everything to gain and everything to lose. With them both at different points in their careers, perspective will be different. The Broncos strong points this year of course have been the passing game, and passing defense. The Colts are exactly the same. It will all come down to who can do them better.

Prediction: Manning things could happen in this game. Yes you know the ones. The ole 4th quarter choke, or the 4th quarter dagger-in-the-heart game winner. I have a feeling, that its going to come down the the perfomance of Peyton. Andrew Luck will get his own, but Peyton will decide this game. Colts win this game 21-17.