Week 2: Fantasy Football Talk by Jared Calhoun


By Jared Calhoun


Why you shouldn’t draft Patriot’s RBs or WRs and Week 2 Buy Lows and Sell highs!

The preseason does not matter.

Patriots ruin your fantasy team. (Except Tom Brady)

I only drafted two Patriots players this year through 5 leagues. I drafted Rob Gronkowski in a league where I got him in the late 4th round and Kembrell Thompkins as a late roun pick in a very deep league. Our most recent example over hyped Patriots players, Thompkins and Sudfeld, had ‘breakout’ preseason performances against 2nd and 3rd string defenses had only to fall on their face in their week one preview. There was so much hype on both those players you would have through it was the next Gronkoski and Megatron themselves.

Then you have Danny Amendola who couldn’t even make it a half before getting hurt. No one denies his production, but I don’t want a player on my team that isn’t dependable. SELL HIGH WHILE YOU CAN! Julian Edelman comes in and vultures two TDs. He is obviously a reliable target of Brady’s mind. If you got Edelman in your draft or off of waivers, I’d start him as a number 3 or weak number 2 receiver. I would use him over the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Torrey Smith this week . Torrey Smith has the same match up Mike Wallace did last week in Joe Hayden where he put up an awful statistical day just last week. As a late round pick or a pick up there is some serious value here in Edelman.

Then you look at Ridley, yes he had a productive season last year. The key word here is last year. So he probably lost you your week because of his coaches lack of commitment and his performance. Shane Vereen comes in and plays hurt for the rest of the game over him. Ridley is lucky he will get his job back because of the lack of talent behind him and Vereen, but who is to say they run the ball at all because of their fumble worries.

Sell High!

Micheal Vick
If you have a top ten QB and Vick, see if you can pawn him off for a solid running back or receiver upgrade. This offense will put up huge points but he could also be out for the year tomorrow.

Peyton Manning
I’m not saying he won’t be awesome the rest of the year, but check with that Flacco or Freeman owner to see if they would upgrade you at running back. QBs are everywhere, including waivers. Maybe you could grab a player like David Wilson or Giovanni Bernand.

Buy Low

Trent Richardson

He absolutely torched the respectable Miami defense on the first drive and then they stacked the box, so the Browns played the odds and went to the air with Weeden. That didn’t work out too well for Richardson or the Browns. Look for them to lean on what works. Richardson has good historical stats against the Ravens, and now they are without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Giovanni Bernard

This guy didn’t get much action and had 2 long plays called back on penalties. I knew the Browns wouldn’t make him the primary running back over Benjarvus Green-Ellis week one, but it will come. They took Bernard over every other running back in the draft because they believe he is special. This is a great time to give someone “safer” or an extra WR for Bernard. Green-Ellis averaged under 3 yards per carry on 33 carries. This isn’t a new trend for him. That screams replacement.