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I don’t usually type listener remarks…..but I am taking exception to this…

I received this email…it shows the passion our listeners have  regarding Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart is known to be a hot head. He’s got out of his car on many occasions. Maybe not on a dirt course? I’ve watched the video multiple times and it sickens me. Sad! Yes, I realize Ward got out of car, but why did Stewart pick up speed coming out of the corner on a YELLOW and hit him? And why did Stewart originally thought it was okay to race at Watkins Glen this afternoon with the caption as “business as usual”? Ugh!

Again, you should never get out of your car during a race with a hot head and extremely frustrated! I think the rules need to be changed as a result of this incident.

Note: I’m confident  Stewart didn’t mean to kill him, but he did. Things need to change as a result of this. Please, please don’t allow this type of incident happen again. Extremely tragic and avoidable!

Thoughts and comments?


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