Via our Partner – Indy Sports News: Reggie Wayne Is Set To Play In 200th Career Game

By: Grant Afseth

Indianapolis Colts star wide receiver Reggie Wayne is about to reach an achievement of longevity that many don’t reach, he’s about to play in his 200th career game. Reggie Wayne has had such a great career for the Colts and it isn’t stopping soon! Here is what Reggie Wayne said regarding his 200th game:

“Two-hundredth game it will be big. Hopefully the 200th game will be the best one yet.”

The only other players in Indianapolis Colts franchise history that have played in more games are Johnny Unitas (206) and Peyton Manning (209). Johnny Unitas has obviously been done for a long time and Peyton Manning likely won’t be suiting up for Indianapolis ever again, so Wayne’s chances of obtaining this record seem good.

If Reggie Wayne were to play all the games this season (* knock on wood), he will have played in 212 games. That would easily get him the record by at 3 games. This is truly special, especially for man that is so dedicated to his franchise and his teammates. Missing those games last year due to an ACL injury really hurt Reggie Wayne. He had said it pained him not to be out there for his teammates.

Reggie Wayne certainly has been one of the greatest Indianapolis Colts to ever lace up so having him for this long is truly special. Reggie Wayne has meant not only so much to the Colts, but to the city of Indianapolis, and the state of Indiana. Reggie Wayne will simply go down as one of the best in Colts history, perhaps in NFL history as well.

Mr. Wayne will have an interesting assignment this week in order to make his 200th game a memorable one. The Indianapolis Colts are at home against the Tennessee Titans, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to most importantly get a win, but make this special for Wayne. Let’s get started!

The Indianapolis Colts are going off a scorching performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars where it seemed they could have literally done anything they wanted. Tennessee is a better football team than the Jacksonville Jaguars, but they aren’t a whole lot better than them. The Colts offensive line has been playing well, the running game is looked good, and the passing game is pin point.

This may sound arrogant but the real problem will be whether or not Andrew Luck keeps spreading the ball around. He had completed passes to at least 9 receivers against the Jaguars. T.Y. Hilton was the only receiver with more than 4 possesions, he had 5. Reggie Wayne, Donte Moncrief, Hakeem Nicks, Coby Fleener, and Dwayne Allen all finished with 4 receptions. Trent Richardson and Jack Doyle finished with 3 receptions, and Ahmad Bradshaw had 2 receptions. So basically there was no room for him to bust out, but what makes Hilton’s performance even more impressive was the fact that his day was over before half-time.

The running game was effective, finished with 144 yards and averaged 5.0 yards per carry (29 carries). Andrew Luck was sensational by completing 31-39 passes, 370 yards, 4 touchdowns, 04.1 QBR, 140.4 RTG, 0 interceptions, and 9.5 yards per attempt. The Colts simply are playing good football and that will open things up for Reggie Wayne. That was the reason I was listing all of this, his team will help him against the Titans.

Let’s get into the matchup that the Colts have this game. T.Y. Hilton is the highest valued threat for the Colts receiving threats by opposing teams. With that being said, the Titans best CB will be covering T.Y. Hilton while the 2nd best CB will be covering Reggie Wayne. Jason McCourty is certainly their best CB and that leaves the 2nd year CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson to cover Reggie Wayne. Reggie should have an absolute field day on this 2nd year inexperienced player. Reggie Wayne is too skilled not to take advantage of this miss match.

Then again it will be up to Andrew Luck and Pep Hamilton to decide if that’s the offensive option they want to utilize. Basically every single receiver for the Colts is going to have a miss match in this game, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener will have miss matches, and the Colts should have no problems running the ball on this defense. Reggie Wayne could easily get big numbers in this game, but it will be the OC’s call.

Not to pile it on, but the Tennessee Titans have are coming off a two game losing streak where they weren’t just beaten, they were demolished. They lost to the Cincinnati Benglas 7-33 last week, and they also lost 10-26 the week before to the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals absolutely demolished the Titans and got what ever they wanted. Don’t expect the Titans to lay down though, they still are a division rival. But also expect a big game from #87 and the Colts.

Our weekly pre-view for the Indianapolis Colts game will be posted tonight (9/26) for the Tennesse Titans vs Indianapolis Colts game. Thank you for reading this article, your thoughts would be much appreciated in the comments section below.

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