We love you, Peyton!

I would like to take a moment to introduce Brian Jensen. Brian is a true Colts fan…or should I say a “SUPER COLTS FAN.” I am sure you have seen him at the Colts home games. Each week we will feature the “SPARKY”… so without further adieu I bring the first Sparky.

So this coming week is the week as a Colts fan we wonder where this franchise is going to headed. Does Jim Irsay pay Peyton Manning and keep his, what will most likely be, best QB of all time or does he let him go and bring in what might be the next QB of the Colts for the next 10-15 years?

We all would like to see Peyton finish his career as a Colt. Let’s face it though, he might be on his way to another team. If this happens we would think that wherever he ends his career as a player that he will come back to Indianapolis and coach in some way. There are a lot of ways that this could play out, but with the highly rated Andrew Luck at the top of the board and with the No. 1 pic, ‘what do you do?’

As a fan, you don’t think about the future in the business perspective. We only see #18, one of if not the best, QB ever. The man that helped build Lucas Oil Stadium, the face of the Colts. The business side would be thinking about the next 10-15 years not the next 3-5. Andrew Luck is the most guaranteed player coming out of the draft since Peyton Manning. Draft Luck and let Peyton go. I want the future of the Colts to be as great as the last 10 years. As for Peyton, wherever he goes, I will be one of the first to own his new jersey and that team will easily be my second team until Manning retires and comes back to Indy to be a coach. We love you, Peyton, and good luck to you, whatever the outcome may be… GO COLTS!!!!!

Brian Jensen

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